Unreal Engine 5 – Official PlayStation 5 Real-Time Tech Demo Trailer

Our first look at the PlayStation 5 next gen is here, with this Unreal Engine 5 real-time demo.

Watch the full demo here:

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  1. Impressive Graphics, but she still walks/climbs like a Robot. Much more work to do.

    And yes i also doubt it, that that will be the final game look. Maybe with a 10K $ Pc, but not with a consumer console. Or ?

  2. lets see you in 4 years. cant wait to play games with those graphics but this is gonna take years before we see this into the market. games with similar graphics to the UE4 Tech demo are now in the market but that's almost 4 years after the tech demo.

  3. The question is why did this demo and ue5 choose to be unveiled on PS5? Showcased running real time and not Xbox series x? Isnt xbox series x the most powerful console ever?

  4. This is a 3rd party game engine. Running on ps5. Wait until we see games running th decima engine on ps5 for sony 1st party. I thought gow/ detroit become human/ last if 2 / ghost of tsusima visuals were amazing wait until we get the ps5!!

  5. Making a full game with this much detail and graphics would cost a company billions to make and it would take years to complete it will never happen because they would have to sell the game at a massive loss

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