The Worst Guns in Call of Duty: CoD 4 to Modern Warfare 2019

Call of Duty has had some great weapons throughout its franchise, in every game, from CoD 4 to 2019’s Modern Warfare there has been at least one stinker that was either under-powered or completely unused. Lets remember the duds.

At this point, the Call of Duty franchise has included hundreds of…

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  1. I disagree with many choices on this list. For exemple, the AMR9 was WAY worse then the EM1; it's a 5 burst weapon and somehow needed so much shots to kill.

  2. Worst weapons
    Number 1 steiker
    Number 2 oden
    Number 3 oden
    Number 4 cod aw
    Number 5 oden

    Best weapons
    Number 1 acr
    Number 2 mp40
    Number 3 mp5
    Number 4 not oden
    Number 5 m13
    Number 6 intervention
    Number 7 m4a1
    Number 8 sa 87
    Number 9 mp7
    Number 10 hdr

  3. This video had actually no thought into it. Every gun on this list slaps (besides WAW trench gun and maybe ww2) talking about the uzi in bo1 the spitfire in bo4 p-06 in bo3 scorpion in cod4 or even the f2000 in mw2. They are all amazing guns and if you know how to use them, you could run lobby's with them. Absolutely no though and care went into this video. Sorry your not that good with relitivly strong guns.

  4. You've clearly never used the KRM shotgun on Black ops 4 before… oh wait, that's not even a primary, like all of the other guns, it's considered secondary and a piece of crap. It one shots less than half of the time and other times, there's a chance that you'll get a two shot with it. I've tried walking up to Afk players mid game to try and get the camo variant, but not even a blast point blank, to the face would one shot. But the AA12 (I think that's what it was called) would fire repeatedly and has the strobe light that would blind the players and kill everyone almost immediately. All that the krm going for it was the dragon breath, but it felt almost impossible to get it cause you'd have to actually get kills with it.

  5. 1:37 Even worse primary gun in CoD WaW was Springfield M1903 unscoped. Its sights were badly misaligned, so proper aiming with this one was much harder than with Mosin or Kar98k. However it had some benefits after I got used to it, Springfield has slightly higher fire rate and many other snipers were using scoped version, For that reason I liked bayonet version as good gun for intermediate ranges with bayonet backup for some CQB situations. But it took me about 200 hours of pure gameplay to get used to it 🙂

  6. almost all COD MOBILE knows that the XPR sniper rifle and the STRIKER shotgun AND the semi automatic shotgun that I forgot it's name were the WORSE gun in the game

  7. bruh i went OFF with the Skorpion in cod 4. You build the proper class around that thing and you are FLYING through the map because you SOAR with how light that gun is

  8. I would have said the Olympia was the worst gun bo1 because the Range, the Fier Rate, Damage and Time to Kill for a shotgun was all F Tier and it didn't allow attatchments so you couldn't improve it.

  9. I genuinely enjoyed the Scorpion in Cod 4. Skulking around the maps and picking off stragglers was awesome, personally i feel the gun was more suited to a guerrilla style of gameplay rather then 1v1 gun fights.

  10. Blops 2 S12 was one of the best shotguns imo. Would have given the Blops 2 spot to the XPR or maybe the ballista (because why use the ballista when you have the dsr?)

  11. The dragunov was probably the worst weapon in BO1 tbh. Awful recoil and was never a one-shot kill unless the opponent was tagged low or you hit a headshot.

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