The Last Of Us Part 2 – Inside The Gameplay Trailer

Take a closer look at the gameplay in the upcoming PS4 exclusive, The Last of Us Part II.

Watch as the team at Naughty Dog goes in-depth about the new and evolved gameplay experience of The Last of Us Part II.

The Last of Us Part II launches on June 19th, 2020 for the PlayStation 4…

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  1. Im surprised Gamespot doesn't get a copyright strike for showing this video. They have left the comments on after all. Im sure this game will play really well. Unfortunately most people don't play games for the gameplay alone. I wish these companies would actually find out who their fans are and connect with them. They might have tried to discover what their fans were thinking and feeling, and what their expectations were.

  2. I distinctively remember thinking after seeing the gameplay trailer: “there is nothing that can stop this game from being next level amazing.”

    Druckman: “hold my script”

  3. A bunch old footage and call it a new gameplay trailer just so some aging hipsters can tell me they added a jump button and let you go prone…something we already knew…and a million other games have been doing for years…

  4. IGN deleting negative comments about this game I am disgusted by you IGN. I will leave a dislike. My deleted comment BTW: I am sick and tired of games telling me that I am evil because of my gender, skin color, and faith. I love the first game but this one is way too preachy to me. Also they did not respect the main characters. Will only spend my money on a game that does not tell me that I am the devil.

  5. If I was ND I would delay this gane yet again and fix it this time. You guys have fucked this franchise beyond belief. I thought the leak was a horrible out of season April fools joke and then I looked it up thinking it can't possibly be that bad……how naive I was……how naive.

  6. I love that they added all these new features the fact that you can lay on the ground and hide under things and can kill people on the ground lmao I’m never standing up on this game literally

  7. Day one purchase, even if the game doesn't (look) perfect to some.. this shit will be fire, can't wait 😉

  8. Bless their heart. Making a shit load of bot accounts just to make the likes higher. They know they are royally fucked when this dumpster fire crawls out the doors. The sales are going to be hilarious. Can’t wait to never play this shitty fanfic crap that doesn’t carry on from the original game at all. There is no Last of Us part 2.

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