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The Bug Encyclopedia – Exclusive Grounded Gameplay

In our latest video on Obsidian’s Grounded, Video Producer Leo Vader runs through every bug he’s encountered in the game and what exactly they’re good for. Subscribe to Game Informer for more exclusive Grounded gameplay!

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  1. Aphids = Squirrels/rabbits
    Weevles = Pigs/boars
    Gnats = Birds
    Mites = Rats
    Ants = Wolves/Dogs
    Stinkbug = Elephants
    Ladybugs = Bulls/Buffalo
    Spider = Grizzly Bear

  2. You were wrong about ants. Solider ants will indeed attack you if you get to close. Worker ants will only attack if you attack them first or if a soldier ant is around to lead the charge.

  3. Should be no wonder why this game is so good, it's created by Obsidian Studio, you know? Fallout New Vegas, Outter World, South Park: Stick of the Truth

  4. Ideas:

    Add a rain feature where its not to devastating, and you can build something to protect your house, as the rain drops worms will come from deep below the ground. Use this time wisely to hunt worms.

    Adding Harvestmen Could be cool. Not being able to see them till they appear, and them being tall enough that you’d have to go for the legs or shoot the head. Knock all the legs down and the prize is yours.

    Woodlouse, adding rotting logs and such around the place where muted and woodlouses could spawn. The woodlouse could be used to make armor similar in strength to a ladybug, damaging them will cause them to curl up in a ball, making them resistant to damage for as long as they want. Take them out some way maybe shooting? I don’t know.

    Crickets could be interesting, having them vary in sizes being small, medium and rarely big. Big ones could attack along with medium ones, whilst the little ones run unless in a group.

  5. Can't wait to see this game grow, so many possibilities.

    Although it does bother me a bit that orb weavers are ground pack hunters, when they always stay in their webs, wolf spiders on the other hand fit perfectly the bill (perhaps change the the orb weaver for female black widows, who tend to litter the land with sticky traps, and usually stay close to the ground). Also, shouldn't ladybugs be aphid and mite killing machines? They just seem too peaceful.

    Maybe add butterflies/moths and flies, could probably become flying mounts (low HP but can fly, and they could be fed by harvesting nectar from flowers, and flies are pretty much flying pigs, pigs with damn good reflexes and flight skills).

    Would be nice to see more deadly animals, things like mantises, jumping spiders, robber flies, crab spiders, female mosquitoes, dragonflies (both adult and larvae), wasps, hummingbirds (they can be deadly too, there's even a god of war named after them, Huitzilopochtli), lizards, etc.

    If we ever get a chance to go inside the house, German cockroaches and rats would be nice (maybe the house, due to all the available food would be the highest risk-reward place)

    A cool boss fight could be made from tarantulas, scorpions, geckos (the ones that climb walls), a red-eared turtle or a koi fish make interesting water bosses.

    There's a species of ant that specializes in assaulting regular ant colonies and steal their eggs for making them their workers (so yeah, slavery), maybe we could implement this behavior by stealing eggs from an ant colony, so we can use them for working and defense when they grow. Maybe add ant armor that will hide our scent so they won't aggro us.

  6. I been wanting a tiny character game for years. Oh and you can't speak about grounded without mentioning small land which is another tiny character game that's also going to be amazing.

  7. Game informer: I have been dreading killing a spider for a long time.

    My friend’s first time playing: Come here wolf spider…..

    (Btw he killed it with nothing but his fists.)

  8. I rather take on a spider(not wolf spider cuz scr3w that) than a ladybug…dam lady bugs hit like a truck and u can’t block their attacks, while the orb weaver spiders u just gotta know the pattern, which is just , hit it 3 times then block , then attack 3 times and block again, repeat those steps until u kill it….again wolf spider don’t count…they will rekt u. Best thing u can do against that is use long range…

  9. The ladybugs are freaking adorable, but they can be scary sometimes because they move the grass around like spiders and having to peek out from behind another blade of grass to be expecting a ladybug but instead an orbweaver is not fun

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