The Best Guns in Call of Duty: CoD 4 to Modern Warfare 2019

The Call of Duty series has featured some iconic weapons through it’s lifetime, and players both old and new have their favourites and ones they consider the best.

And while in 2020 new weapons are constantly being added through Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s seasons, and patches, nerfs…

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  1. i feel the weapon balancing in ww2 was pretty good but the most busted gun was the lewis gun for sure it would deal full damage through most walls with fmj and had next to no recoil

  2. I play COD MW2019 more often so I'll give my top list:
    (If I were forced to choose one weapon of each type, I mark a "+" next to it.)

    1) Pistols:
    -Renetti +
    .50 GS

    2) SMGs:
    -P90 +

    3) Assault rifles (Primary user):
    -CR-56 AMAX +

    4) Shotguns:
    -JAK-12 +

    5) Markman/Sniper rifles:
    -SP-R 208
    -HDR +
    -Rytec AMR

    6) LMGs:
    -PKM +
    -FiNN LMG

  3. I'ma be honest, I kept chosing ACR's because they were col to look at and after when I used them I found that were pretty good and always look for them xD

  4. Everything looks strong and powerful when you are playing against bots. I mean look at those opponents, they were barely shooting back lol

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