Our Favorite Legends of Runeterra Cards

(Presented by Legends of Runeterra) Legends of Runeterra is a brand new CCG from Riot Games that brings characters from League of Legends into a whole new world. Here are some of our favorites so far.

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  1. You Want Nautilus going Deep with his Sea-Monster card deck. Pay the thite or you're doomed.
    Twisted Fate has by far the best Level Up animation. So slick and well made.
    Swain level up is nice as well, putting down his big chungus chess piece on Ionia map.

    If you play with Bilgewater+Shadow Isles deck. (Dreadway and later Ledros) is your lethal combo.
    (9) Dreadway: Play: Draw a Gangplank, Double all damage dealt by allies
    (9) Commander Ledros: Play: deal damage to enemy Nexus equal to half of its health left, rounded up. Last Breath: Return me to Hand.

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