Minecraft Dungeons Review

Minecraft Dungeons is a welcoming dungeon-crawler entry point for newcomers and a lighthearted throwback for veterans.

Steve Watts spent roughly six hours completing Minecraft Dungeons on Default difficulty, and then another three exploring Adventure difficulty. He still gawks in amazement at…

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  1. Can you play single player on PC using a controller or does it really have to be mouse & keyboard? No assumptions, I want to know from someone who actually played it. Also no controller mapping, actual controller support. Thank you!

  2. uhh never really played minecraft..but isnt this just the game..WITHOUT the best part of BUILDING digging and all the good shit??? lol get 1 armor and 1 weapon..sorry the devs…ran outta ideas and steam.

  3. Did you guys literally just show the ending cinematic of the game at the end of the review? Lol not that the story is super deep or surprising but that seems like kind of a crappy thing to do.

  4. this game needs more things in town to really feel invested in, like a mining quarry to invest income in to generate passive income. or way to get other mats like copper to make costom weapons like way cube world does it. put each pixle on the weapon to make it look diffrent. i can see they were thinking about player houseing as well

  5. I just got it on my switch and the thing keeps auto-dashing downward. Im moving north but it keeps making me dash south, it's really annoying. My R button isnt jammed, so idk if its my drift or what.

  6. It would be pretty cool if you could find blocks with the almost destroyed cracks from the original Minecraft and then hit them to discover a secret area

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