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Minecraft Dungeons Co-op Gameplay — New Gameplay Today

What started as a small browser game is now one of the world’s most recognizable entertainment properties and Mojang Studios continues to grow its Minecraft IP by expanding the game into different genres. Enter Minecraft Dungeons, an action RPG…

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  1. Cubular, Dude! ??
    I live on the west coast so this is a perfectly acceptable joke for me to make.
    But that doesn't mean you can, Random Reader!

  2. I wish they made this a 60€ game and actually provided the AAA content it deserves. No classes? No seasons? No adventure mode? Seriously. This is Diablo for children but also dumbed down to a level an average gamer doesn't have to invest braincells to play it.

    I'm buying it day one because I love arpg and looters but it's disappointing this still looks and feels like a 20€ game (which it is) instead of going all out and giving Microsoft a huge arpg exclusive next gen sequel for this.

  3. (I just felt the need to rant) my life is going downhill my mom is making me move with my dad and my girlfriend just broke up with me and I think I'm slipping into depression because of this. That's all folks

  4. Let's appreciate for a second that GI is still doing new gameplay videos, but Giant Bomb hasn't done a quick look in a month. Good job GI.

  5. I will be picking this up for me and my daughter. I think she will enjoy this. I’m thinking she wouldn’t understand classes anyway. But she will get oh I found a bow now and I can use it!

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