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How Grounded Does Base Building Right

Video Producer Leo Vader shows off the 8th, 9th and 10th wonders of the world, as created with the base-building mechanics of Grounded.
Grounded launches to Xbox Game Preview on July 28!

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  1. Completely disagree with this one.. the base building sucks I really hope they improve it because you can’t place floors or walls inside things like the tree or stones it’s a total must to be able to have the ability to build into objects so you can build awesome bases

  2. on xbox, you can’t turn the grass walls sideways, so you have to use clay foundations as a second floor with at least one regular scaffold…it’s chap

  3. What I really hate about base building in Grouded is unless you are making a perfect squares or rectangles, you will never connect the walls.

  4. To anyone who might know, is there a way to move things like furniture without having to recycle and rebuild it? Such a pain when you build something then want to re-arrange your base.

  5. I like how some people think Grounded have up with a revolutionary base building formula when the Forest done this YEARS ago like this guy said. Had this buddy go "GROUNDED IS THE ONLY GAME THAT CAME OUT WITH THIS BASE BUILDING FORMULA". Was like bro…

  6. Man I love this game but wow do I wish there was a way to toggle snapping and have more free form structures. That plus the game not flipping its lid over wanting to intentionally clip structure peices together or with the terrain, and the unexplained in game reason for why we cant build in any labs or underground caves. I love my crazy oak branch base that goes in the crevice beneath and up into the offbranches but it really felt like pulling teeth to get things to go how I want.

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