Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Showcase | State of Play

In this PlayStation State of Play we get an extended look at Ghost of Tsushima’s gameplay, including combat, the exploration, and much more.

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  1. I really hope the game isn't like most open-world games like this where you need to clear out outposts and most enemies are just static, chilling in locations but no real movement in the game world until you go to them. I hope they got armies moving or patrols going around. The game looks amazing but just feels like every other open-world game that we have gotten so far with similar world mechanics and gameplay.

  2. when he shoots the guy in the head with the arrow as a samurai at 8:44 it looks 100% fine and he drops normal, but at 10:33 when hes a ninja and doing it the guy he shoots is where it looks jenky. Again at 13:59 it looks silly.

  3. I got chiiiills at the beginning, this game caught my eye since the first reveal and I'm so glad it did. SP deserves all the praise for this, Kurosawa mode sounds heaven sent

  4. If you have a YouTube channel comment down below and I’ll subscribe to it. You should totally check my channel out too😁

  5. Sony counter punched Microsofts poor showing recently perfectly by showing first the debut of unreal engine 5 running on the ps5 and now with ACTUAL gameplay of ghost of tshushima. Your move Microsoft.

  6. The wind guiding your way, picking up items while not having to dismount your horse, animals leading you places. In just a few minutes we got some clever ideas being implemented. I've seen ppl call this "Assassins Samurai"; I get that some ppl are burnt out on open worlds but that doesn't make this any less great, can't wait to play it!

  7. Looks like a pretty sweet game! Why is there over 20 minutes of nothing on this video though and just a load screen?? Little clickbaity there, still not stopping me from trying this game though!

  8. reminds me of breath of the wild the gfx look dated, the lighting is abit unnaturally bright. No dismembering = no mass, way to easy after sekiro. Fail

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