Crusader Kings 3 Made Me Feel Stupid But I Loved It Anyway

Crusader Kings 3 is just as complex and intricate as the other grand strategy titles coming from Paradox Interactive, but in their new entry to the series the studio has made great strides in making the game more accessible, without sacrificing any of its depth.

Recently Dave Jewitt got access…

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  1. Crusader Kings 3 is obviously a huge game so if you have any questions not covered in the video feel free to tweet me @IrregularDave or leave them in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them!

  2. I'll be honest I don't understand why paradox gets so much love they are so anti consumer with the business model of put 1/5 of the game out and then drip feed them dlcs for years until the game is actually complete. If any other company did what they do they would be dragged through the mud

  3. Not sure what I am going to do with myself without poorly informed CK players on Steam to laugh at. All of these changes are bad! Make some new ones!
    PS: I want the CKII "tutorial" placed in a museum for posterity. It is the funniest, most useless thing anyone has ever made. Sort of like teaching people Chinese by drawing a duck and then abruptly leaving to lose yourself in wine and women.

  4. I JUST CANT WAIT. Thanks for the video and thanks for paradox games to make their games more accesible for people with small brain like me

  5. I find it amazing annoying that after maybe 10 years in game some random giant nation across the map decides to invade me with an unstoppably large army that sweeps across my nation virtually uncontested. Every Single Game……

  6. It's one of the easiest strategy games, so it doesn't just make you feel dumb, but it shows that game journalist is a stupid creatura.

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