COD: Warzone Bunker Locations And How To Open Them

The bunkers in Call of Duty: Warzone are opening, and if you have a Red Access Card, you’ll be able to get inside most of them. However, Bunker 11 has its own method of entry. Tony explains how to get inside in the video above.

The Easter egg you’ll find inside Bunker 11 seems to hint at the…

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  1. I just saw an article today confirming that Cold War is the next one to come out.

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  2. As far as my mates and I can tell, there isn't any clear means of progressing through Bunker 11 after entering, you can check out the nuke, grab blueprints that won't save and reboot a computer, but none of that has a purpose as of yet, maybe in the next update, maybe it's even more cryptic.

  3. Only three bunkers open with key cards, 0, 6 and 9. 11 is opened via the phone sequence, the rest can't be interacted with yet. Haven't tested these bunkers yet but my team and I found 3 red access cards and non worked on bunkers 2 and 3.

  4. You can not open every bunker only 4 bunkers plus number 11 can be opened. The one at dam tends to have the best loot. The bunker doors that are inside of another bunker can not be opened at this time.

  5. Corrrection mate, there's red, blue, green and yellow cards that opens bunker in different zones in the map. Go on the call of duty website to find how they splitted the zones.

  6. Why do bunkers sometimes not open? Happened multiple times to me, bunker doors just wont open after clicking the keypad while having a red access card. I didnt use it on bunker 11 either, just all the regular ones

  7. They're opening at least one bunkers for players per season. Season 4 just unlocked bunker 10 which apparently has a live nuke inside. Also there's now a submarine shadow moving along the top of the dam under the water.

  8. I just got into the bunker by the dam on the last round I played. Took me three rounds to find a red access card. I start the round off by the dam where the bunker is located and start searching all the crates in the area. When and if you finally do find one go straight to the bunker and loot all you can and get the hell out of there. Worked for me. Everybody always storms the bunker by the park. Unless your the first to hit the ground and make it in there before everyone storms in your shit out of luck.

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