Apex Legends Season 5: Loba Theories And Abilities (Unconfirmed) Breakdown

Apex Season 5 has a release date, and we’re breaking down Loba’s “Legacy of a Thief” trailer to see if her abilities match the leaks, what easter eggs you might have missed, and how her story ties into Revenant’s.

Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune’s Favor is scheduled to begin May 12. As…

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  1. wait i just thought of something when the lady metioned revenant , so like say he was on the toliet , would it like make him think he was pooping or did the program just make him ignore that? its kinda funny that a robot just sitting on the toliet doing nothing but just sitting there would be funny

  2. All the legends are in Chambers and they transfer their consciousness into the simulacrums. That's why they're able to respawn.

  3. I can't really understand data miners. Why would you dig deep into those game files and try to find any clues about new things? Can't you just wait for some time and see the real new changes? Why are you so desperate to find data that is 50% untrue and make really silly predictions?

  4. after the release of the trailer for season 5, i would say that her tactical is teleporting with her bracelet, the leaked ult is true and the device to teleport the loot to her is her staff, and her passive is that she can see nearby loot through walls. this is just assumption tho so don’t take it too seriously.

  5. I think her tactical is that she can reach loot from afar like in launch trailer. But that is an underwhelming tactical so I think she has 2 passives like Lifeline seeing that she also has 2 passives, fast heals and shield while reviving. So I think Loba's 2nd passive is the loot radar, seeing loot from afar and the interaction with the 1st passive can even loot without opening crates or doors so she and her team can loot safely when there are enemies around.

  6. I think she’ll be offend I think the ultimate and her teleport are real but it think the way they said it was is not turn I think that the ult will have a certain range because the way you described possibly said wrong not sure but the way you said it it sounded like this


    O I killed somebody time to loot them loba from across the map no no no your loot is mine

  7. Sometimes people think immortality would be a bad thing. I can't understand the reasoning here at all… continued existed is surely preferable to no existence because if you exist there is always a future that is changeable.

  8. Since they released the new trailer for season 5 she does 3 main things, first she uses her teleporting thingy, which she throws and teleports to, that would be her tactical, her passive could be 1 of 2 things, being able to magnetize nearby loot, or see loot nearby through walls, and her ultimate was shown near the end of the trailer when she throws a sticky bomb that casts a huge explosion, maybe that is her ultimate. Seems like an attack character to me

  9. The staff shows up so often it doesn't make sense that it would be an heirloom, that being said I have no idea what else the heirloom would be.

  10. Am I the only one who thing the next legend should be like genji from overwatch becuase I think it would make sence if a legand could double jump and even deflect bullets for a short period of time!

    Like or comment if you agree with me!?

  11. I really didn't expect Apex to be as big as it is and I certainly didn't expect Respawn to create and mould thier very own Sci-Fi universe around it, these animated shorts are awesome and hope to see more

  12. Nice. stealing content from apex content creators, and not giving them credit. you couldn't even give iloot games for leaking loba

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