Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune’s Favor – Official Gameplay Trailer

Pursue your fortune in Apex Legends Season 5. New Legend Loba has arrived to hunt for answers — and revenge. Discover hidden secrets and rewards as you take on waves of prowlers in the all-new PvE Season Quest. Explore a Kings Canyon that has been transformed by Loba’s explosive entrance….

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  1. 0:43 New Hemlok Battlepass Reward – Epic skin
    1:15 Bangalore, Mirage, Revenant – New Legendary skins

    1:17 lvl 100 Battlepass Reward – Legendary Wingman skin
    1:26 Possible Wattson Recolor Skin (Not sure about this one tho)

    What else new reward have i missed?
    I hope thats not all of the rewards

  2. Who cares about the characters' appearances in this game? It's in 1st person. You could make all the characters look like the Minecraft guy and it wouldn't make a difference.

  3. I bet passive ability will be when someone is behind her and about to shoot they have to stop and say "DAYUM“

  4. “Some personnel confirmed they’re taking this opportunity to add some new features to the arena. But one thing is certain, Kings Canyon will never be the same.“

    Season 2 – Battle Charge

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