XCOM: Chimera Squad – Official Gameplay Overview

Watch this extensive gameplay overview to learn all about the new features of XCOM: Chimera Squad, an all new turn-based tactical combat experience in the XCOM universe.

A new XCOM spin-off game, Chimera Squad, is coming very soon.

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  1. Everything here is great except for the fixed characters and shitty comic cutscenes. Kudos to everyone except whoever came up with that idea.

  2. Not a huge fan of the turn based combat per character, rather than the squad, but we'll see how it pans out. I guess it reduces the risk of some pretty nasty unforeseen chain of events xcom 1 and 2 have pulled in the past..

  3. Oh boy! Can't wait for the buddy cop racism when they first meet in the locker room.

    Human guy to sectoid: "Heh, you come in here like hot shit. I must've dropped thousands of you freaks back when my boys was liberating the planet."
    Sectoid growls at the human
    Viper to sectoid: "Calm down, he'ssssss not worth it."
    Human: "Hope you ain't finding any rangers out on the streets, handbag."

    Cut to the muton pulling the viper off the human while other cops chant "fight! fight! fight!"

  4. Thanks for killing a TONE of a Xcom games, not please proseed to fucking it's corpse. Aslo Aneme avatars meant they cut a fucking agent desighn and redactor from game, whitch for some was a great selling point

  5. Special squad to promote human-alien cooperation…We need a name…something cool and not at all racist…CHIMERA! Hell Yeah!

    Otherwise very cool concept. Not sure about having permanent squad. Having soldiers dying on me to lose all the progress and be able to train the best squad for my style was a huge part of Xcom appeal.

  6. I hope this isn't what theyve been working on the entire time. I need XCOM 3 with PERMADEATH and Custom Characters. Slightly more complex battle with smarter ai . Keep the beginning stages of battle that's cool, but everything else is disappointing as hell.

  7. Humans, Aliens, Demons, Angels, Gods, and all of creation overall are all Human deep inside. We all LOVE and HATE, BUILD and DESTROY, GIVE and TAKE, we all have PROPS and CONS, GOOD and EVIL. We are all IMPERFECT, and that’s PERFECT. IMPERFECTION it’s PERFECTION, but one should always aim for GOOD un least they’re are led astray. Humanity it’s not only a race but a way of life, the DNA of the soul. Humanity it’s LOVE, Humanity it’s LIVE.

  8. We will get the Viper ladies? Muhahahaha tongue and coil time baby! Oh… wait… that sounded very wrong. You know what i mean. It's a good ability in combat.

  9. A unique team of agents with individual names, personalities and backstories… I really hope we'll get to have team-bonding moments outside of missions, kinda like in Mass Effect.

  10. You know what. I'm really disappointed that you can't fail a mission. You have to restart. How could they take the best part of the xcom series and just lose it entirely. It's just a linear win every mission game now. It's like auto scum save. Why would you do that?

    Whhhyyyyyyyayyyyyaaaaa? Lol just don't get it.

  11. Dont like the comic book approach. Also terrible idea to play as the aliens. One of the funnest aspects was the concept of saving the humans from alien invaders. Playing as snake people and sectiods is about as far removed as you can be with this franchise. I don’t think I could support this game. Make another great expansion like war of the chosen. Who ever made the decision to change what’s not broke make a grave mistake. Nothing was wrong with the original direction. This only makes the game less appealing to play to original supporters of the game.

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