The Complete Resident Evil Timeline Explained

The Resident Evil franchise has a sprawling timeline that interweaves its complex narrative across seven mainline games, a handful of spin-offs, and countless DLC expansions. But how does it all tie together?

From the convoluted creation of the Umbrella Corporation through to the swampland…

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  1. Hey guys! This video was made and scheduled just before the sad news broke about the passing of Paul Haddad – the original voice actor of Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 2. This episode of Timeline is for you Paul – thanks for your part in the Resident Evil franchise!

  2. im going to get some hate but my favorite re game is re 5. it was my first re game and it was also the game i played with my brother. but my second favorite game has to be re 7 just because it brought back the horror element of the past re games. i have played all the games so far

  3. Resident Evil 2, for it's time it was so terrifying I still have trauma from the PS logo. It was mostly jump scares but the Licker, and being grabbed by zombie's through boarded windows was the best.

  4. 1. RE 0

    2. RE

    3. RE 3 Nemesis

    4. RE 2

    5. RE code: Veronica

    6. RE the darkside chronicles

    7. Re the umbrela chronicles

    8. RE 4

    9. RE revelations

    10. RE 5 lost in nightmares (dlc)

    11. RE 5

    12. RE revelations 2

    13. RE 6

    14. RE 7

  5. The 4 story lines in RE 6 would actually be great in an atmospheric game like RE 2 REMAKE. The volume and content was great, but packing so much story into an action game like RE 6 doesn't work 100%. The constant action and explosions made it impossible to focus on the story, which is why I not only forgot the story of RE 6… I never really learned it, even while playing the game.

  6. So the games go zerø, 1, 3, 2, Darkside, Umbrella Chronicles, 4, revelations, 5, revelations 2, 6… don't care about the other two

  7. adding 2 player mode to 5 and 6 was a great to bring fans together so i like 5 and 6 and 2 and i just finished village so that good also

  8. It is official, MVP of the franchise is not Leon, not Chris, not Jill or any of the character.
    It is, you guessed it! The ROCKET LAUNCHER!!

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