Persona 5 Royal Review

The already-tremendous RPG grows stronger with Persona 5 Royal. Style, substance, heart, and soul cover every moment of this beautiful game. Atlus’ RPG Persona 5 Royal is now available on PS4. You can read the full written review by Michael Higham on GameSpot:…

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  1. I wouldn't give the game a 10/10 (probably a 9 or 8 at the lowest) because of some of my minor complains with the gameplay mechanics, repetitveness, and storytelling. But if your into JRPGs this is a must.

    I hate mementos.

  2. Is this game worth buying for a 3rd time? I bought it in Japanese then i bought it again when it released in English is this worth buying and playing again for the 7th or 8th time?

  3. Art and gameplay wise, yes. But let’s be real: the story could use a lot of work. It’s predictable, Akechi’s contribution to it (overall not social links) is horribly written, and there are constant flashbacks, sometimes to things that literally just happened. In spite of these flaws, it’s an amazing game. But the flaws still exist.

  4. I take issue with consistently weak writing throughout a 120+ hour game being considered a nitpick. It's grating, and while the story is conceptually brilliant, the script and pacing hold it back severely. Try to tell me you didn't start mashing the FFWD button on your second run in either version. I understand it's a translated script, but that doesn't change the fact that it's stilted, awkward, often straight up erroneus with it's syntax, and sounds more natural with the japanese voicetrack playing, even though the quality english VA does help it a lot. I love this game to death, but the idea that it doesn't have flaws, nevermind some big ones, is a source of frustration for me.

  5. I did not play the original P5. Hence my 1st playthru of P5 Royal was 98 hours, and i hardly explored many of the confidants, Shinya and Kawakami in particular. And i could not efficiently level up social stats. I only managed to max out Ryuji and Ann. My second playthru was a lot more efficient but still could not max out every character. It was during the 2nd playthru i fused Yoshitsune and many other power ful persona, and itemized most of the best equipment. I am on the 3rd playthru i cud do every thing right and efficiently. I am about to fight the Holy grail again and i look forward to complete everything 100% with the p5 r bonus (finally) scenes and best equipment etc

  6. Maan, after finishing the game i just can't hear "I believe" without feeling a chill down my spine, if i already loved the original, P5Royal definitively won that 10/10

  7. This is the best game I have ever played and I have played games since the Atari days. There is no word to describe it. You have to experience it to believe it!

  8. Great review. I just want to add the genius dialogue options which most people overlook, just shows how self aware Atlus is.

    I think people who dislike this game are the ones who skip dialogue a lot, or the ones who totally missed the point of its messages, ironically.
    Turn-based games aren’t to my liking but damn this game delivers it to you on a totally different level. Art style, music, character/character development (Sojiro, Futaba, Kasumi, etc), and story are all 10/10 (Except for a teensy on the Okumura arc).

  9. I love persona 5 but why couldn't they add this in the first game? 150 hrs on the original only to be told hey here's the complete game

  10. Is persona 5 royal just like how pokken tournament DX is basically the same game as pokken tournament but has more or is it an entirely seperate game?

  11. I bought the ultimate edition today and I am already 7 hours into it. This is my first Persona game and oh boy, this is just beyond amazing.

  12. Am I seriously the only one who didn’t earn the third semester in my first play through? I’ve met people who didn’t even know that was possible. How embarrassing :/
    Note: get Maruki’s confidant to rank 9 by November, don’t make the same mistake I did.

  13. – Add item filtering by stat and usage, it's annoying to scroll down to find a specific item(especially in Okumura battle). It felt really clunky.
    – The end game needs more days. It felt very limited.
    – The whole "you're too tired to do anything" is annoying. After you've sent a calling card, you can't explore the city to prepare. I don't understand why they prohibit this.
    – More SP restorative items and places to get them.
    – The difficulty goes up and down. Okumura has been the hardest battle for me out of all battles and it's at the middle of the game. I liked that battle, it gave me enough challenge. Battles after that have not surpassed it.
    – I would enjoy more if confidant ranks affected the story more. Some scenes after you've romanced Ann, for example, felt awkward. It would be nice that in some point of the story, it would come public that you're dating someone to everyone.
    – Some of the enemy placements felt annoying. Sometimes they were too sparse, sometimes an enemy could attack when you exited the save room.
    It's one of my all time favorite games, but that doesn't mean I cannot criticize it. It's a 9.5/10 for me. It's not perfect, I sometimes felt annoyed by its flaws, but it's one of the most perfect games I've played in a long time.

  14. what A masterpiece p5 royal is, it's gonna be yrs or until persona 6 before there's another turn based jrpg this good again.


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