Persona 5 Royal: How To Unlock The New Palace And Third Semester (Spoiler-Free)

P5R features 15 to 20 hours of new content, but you’ll need to follow these steps in order to experience it.

Persona 5 Royal has a lot of new content that builds on the original game. However, the biggest chunk of that (the third semester and ninth palace) comes towards the end, but you’ll have…

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  1. Hey everyone, we’ve done a bit more digging and it turns out to unlock the third semester you only need to reach rank 9 with Maruki before 11/18

    That said, if you want some additional scenes in the new ending you need to reach rank 10 with Akechi following the steps outlined in the video, and if you want to see Kasumi’s full storyline you need to reach rank 5 by 12/22 as outlined in the video as well.

  2. Still don't like how akechi is now a proper confidant instead of being an automatic one, you have about 2 extra months with the new semester but it's still time-consuming

  3. I unfortunately missed this, so I'm starting on a new save file. Luckily, I have a file that's currently after the kamoshida palace, so I won't have to get through too much.

  4. I am so confused. I've been told that maruki is the only one that's required but now other sources are telling me it's maruki AND kasumi as well as akechi. I barely have akechi at rank 6 and I have to max him out apparently? Idk what's the right guide anymore smh

  5. The thing is I was never introduced to anyone besides Akechi, and I can’t even hang out with Akechi and I’m on 8/11. Did I miss something?

  6. I haven't reach November 18 yet
    But can someone explain me how can you max out akechi social link in November 21-24
    Because spoiler alert

    He was the true culprit and kill you

  7. Can anyone help? I'm about 80 hours into the game, I'm max rank with Akechi and Kazumi but I'm only 7 or 8 with Maruki, and I can't level him up anymore, am I going to get the new content? Or have I missed out

  8. I love blind running this game expecting to get all the content in one because I paid for it just for another invisible wall (that’s never explained in-game) to prevent me from playing it. Thanks, Atlus.

    And yes, I finished this game yesterday. I’m annoyed. I’m not touching Akechi’s confidant since I despise that child, but I suppose I need to run NG+ for Maruki…

  9. Imma replay the game cause I don't mind but I max'd out my social links with kasumi and goro but got side tracked and couldn't finish maruki. Like I get it but having been tight with kasumi and not seeing her in the end game made it real jarring

  10. Brooooo i was up to yaldaboth then i saw this and then i also relised i only got marukis confidant to 8. Im gonna use izanagi no okami picaro bcz i put my time and effort into this game. I was at the part where santel was about to shoot him in the head. 😭😢

  11. Yep now after stressing and keep forgetting to save at points in the game and having to fight shido which the hardest boss I fought with legit 60 phases. AS soon I get to the end I was confused if I was supposed to get new content. And I didn’t. And I’m not playing all this again, i beat it all on merciless and this is hella hard. So I will just watch all the new contents without playing it because I’m certainly not spending months on this game anymore.

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