Mythbusting In Animal Crossing: New Horizons – What's Real And What's Not

The Animal Crossing franchise has always been a tricky one to understand, and the latest entry, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is no exception. Though the game does a good job of informing you of the basics, there’s still a lot that the tutorial never tells you. So it’s up to the community to…

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  1. In new leaf, there was this trick to get them to move out. 1: talk to them only once, 2: wait about a week or two for them to move out. Idk it is still holds true in new horizons.

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  3. I’m curious. If wasps or a tarantula is chasing you and you run in front or near Flick, will he help you since he has his net out? Will other villagers with their nets out be able to help?

  4. I think the emote thing was made popular by some youtubers that edited their videos for clicks. Of course with many people trying that, it’s bound to happen for a few people to get a rare island when doing it first try. And so those people repeated that back to others and so on.

    About the balloons, there’s an increased chance of getting certain stuff based on color… or there was, I think Nintendo may have normalized balloons in some patch as the rewards seem more random now.

    For making villagers move the only sure way to do it is to ignore them and even then it takes a long time to happen. Also… (nook miles spoiler) there’s some nook mile challenges involving to talking to all your villagers each day for increasing amounts of day in a row.

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