How Is Valorant So Far?

The upcoming game from League of Legends developer Riot Games is currently in beta and we’ve put several hours into it. It’s called Valorant, and it draws heavily from Counter-Strike with elements of Overwatch, blending them into a tactical hero-based FPS. Gameplay-wise, Valorant is hitting many…

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  1. This game is simply good marketing it is incredibly over hyped which tends to be a bad sign and i estimate that this game will not reach csgo's level of success

  2. No one's concerned with the kernel-level admin-privileged thing running constantly on your machine even when you're not playing the game?
    Ok then.

  3. Valorant has an anti cheat with security level 0 ring that behaves exactly like a malware. In your place I would uninstall it and delete everything related to this game.

  4. Ah so riot finally learned how to make a game where skill isn't defined by point-and-click mechanics, and where dimensionality actually determines if you get hit by an ememy's attack.

  5. How are the hero abilities balanced ? almost every hero has a game breaking ability that goes against the fundamentals of a game that plays identical to csgo

  6. 1 and a half weeks in to playing and i found my main. So i played my first competitive game and my teammates said "never use sage again"
    so yeah it's pretty good and community is super nice

  7. I like the game style that they call "bland". It reminds me of when I played cs 1.6 when things were simpler. Yes, it's dull but at least my gran gran computer can handle it!

  8. The gameplay is kinda fun so far, but without community servers I'll probably drop out soon. Normal matches drag on waaaay too long if I just want to casually shoot some stuff up. I don't want to be stuck in a non-competitive match for over half an hour. Let me drop out and someone else fill in. Let me join in on an already running match, whatever. Just make the casual match system more dynamic please.

  9. GameSpot, that bass music is excellent!! I wrote it on another video just now. It's so nice to not have a loud and bright music that cancels out the words being said, but just adds some rhythm. I hope more youtube channels follow this

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