How Games Get Grenades Wrong – Loadout

Most games and movies get grenades wrong. Whether it’s tactically cooking a frag in Call of Duty, throwing grenades back in Battlefield, or the huge fireballs we see in blockbusters like Commando, games and movies have totally exaggerated the humble hand grenade.

While there is a grain of…

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  1. Grenades have been around since Byzantine Empire ~700BC?
    I always thought it was since The Napoleonic Wars, around the time Earth cooled down ~4.5 bln years ago.

  2. I suppose you only hear the stories about them successfully throwing them back because you don't hear from the ones that didn't succeed.

  3. Reports of grenade fighting in the Great War, by Australian soldiers, tell amazing stories. From the very common throwing back of Ottoman grenades, and receiving their own back during the trench fighting on the Gallipoli peninsula. These grenades most often had visible burning fuses and on the Australian side were most often home made. Once in France and Belgium the Australians gained access to the newer commercially made grenades and in the trench warfare there would be teams of bombers fighting German teams of bombers. In one engagement I recall reading of, the Australian advance was thrown back due to a lack of bombs…. The Australian commander when attacking the same ground later took extra steps to ensure that didn't happen again. Every man carried between 6 and 10 Mills Bombs, and he had 20,000 more grenades at an advanced dump ready to be brought forward for the defence of their gains. This was for a Battalion sized element only, less than 1200 men. He name was Harry Murray VC. Also, if you're impressed by the Mills Bomb, you should see the variety of German defensive and offensive grenades during the Great War.

  4. fellow in Afghanistan had a grenade thrown at him by Taliban, he picked it up and threw it back…it exploded in the air just a few feet from him. IIRC he lost his hand plus had other injuries. Yeah it can be done, has been done, and no doubt will be done, but it's a rather dicey thing

  5. Normally if a Grenade were to land near you depending on the situation you’d either hit the deck or kick it away and then hit the deck, picking it up just takes way too long

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  7. My mate six feet away from me picked up a thrown grenade. He held it out in his hand and just stared at it and said "it's hissing". And then it exploded…..

    and that was him out of the paintball game!

  8. If you're in a confined room – and then you're in a confined room with an activated hand grenade – that's probably the only time you should consider picking it up to throw it away. It may or may not explode before you get rid of it, but that's still better odds than just looking at it or shutting your eyes and wait.

  9. Agreed to all of this. There's another heavily wrong interpeted weapon: Landmines. You see it in just all movies that some guy walks onto the landmine – a brazen click – and the guy freezes to not let the switch come out again. In a real life the landmine would have done it's work right at the click. Mostly they even have the time to jump away or better, they put something in exchange for themselves on top of the mine. Do i have to mention that movie-mines also explode with much fire and stuff? (i meanwhile are waiting for a car to explode in movies when they are burning or run into something and i'm a little confused if they don't)

  10. 0:40 you mean the mid 700s A.D., not B.C. The Byzantine Empire did not exist B.C. at all. It was an offshoot of the Roman Empire, which didn't even exist until about 32 B.C. as I recall (it was the Roman Republic before that).

  11. I don't think a "realistic" game or movie would really sell well. There are exceptions of course, but few. Video games that are basically Blue Team vs. Red Team "run and guns" and seems the major part of the "Online" multiplayer.

  12. Bringing up how throwing grenades back was super rare and inauthentic, but single handedly massacring hundreds of enemy soldiers and all the other ridiculous stuff in video games is okay I guess.

  13. I feel like this video didn't explore all aspects of the grenade. You focused on fragmentation grenades, but what about HE or concussion grenades? You say that grenades don't produce big fireballs, but what about incendiary grenades? You say that the explosion doesn't produce a powerful enough shockwave to throw people around, but what about High Explosive grenades? Those are specifically designed to produce strong shockwaves.

  14. my brother is a soldier and he told me that they use a small explode effect but if it was a war one it blows up a room but in games even the window doesnt

  15. Uh the city of Rome was just being founded in the mid-700's BC. That's a bit early for "Byzantine" ceramic incendiary grenades (which are actually attested earlier, for example in the 3rd century work of Sextus Julius Africanus).

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