FULL Travis Scott X Fortnite Astronomical Concert Event

Fortnite has pulled out all the bells and whistles with its latest collaborative effort with Travis Scott. The popular artist has a psychedelic display that occurs live in game and we captured the entire event in this gameplay clip. Check it out!

Fortnite developer Epic Games and rapper Travis…

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  1. Everyone in these comments who say they hate Fortnite or don’t play the game.. you want a medal or something??

  2. One of the most creative things I've ever seen. Fortnite and Travis just trailblazed the newest form of marketing and entertainment – VR concerts and in-game marketing.

  3. Epic Games: Release a great event in Fortnite during quarantine, have no cheaters and no major bugs.
    Ubisoft: Major bugs and cheaters in Rainbow Six Siege, don't fix anything during quarantine, shitty event – The Grand Larceny.

  4. So I’m making a Fortnite theory video, do I have permission to just a small clip of this video because I didn’t record the event so yeah.

  5. Not gonna lie, this concert was Lit. Fortnite was a great platform even though it’s ruined and for little kids today. RiP pre-crossbow FNBR.

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