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Final Fantasy VII Remake Review

MILD SPOILER WARNING: In doing our best to avoid spoilers, we only show scenes from the first 15 hours of Final Fantasy VII Remake and none of the footage is from the late game. Thanks and enjoy the video review!

With the legacy of the original…

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  1. I think Resident Evil 1 Remake , and Half-Life Black Mesa were near perfect true remakes , and those should be the gold standard blueprint of a remake.
    FF7R Is more of an alternate reconstruction or reimagining with slight remake nods.

  2. Really liking these video reviews, Alex. And this was much less confusing than the RE3 once since you didn’t say “I” … I had moved from one video where you said you were a baby with survival horror to saying “I” throughout the RE3 one and it was a little jarring. Anyway, keep up the awesome quarantine work!

  3. Its weird how they rate games here:
    Not 8.5 or 9, which would be the normal kind of rating
    Not 8.7, its not the usual rating, but its not that weird
    Its 8.75, I just dont know :/

  4. So excited for this, and what’s strange o have zero desire to play games. I’ve been quarantined away from my daughter it’s been 3 weeks, as wife works in the ER and grandma who watches the kiddo is at biggest risk due to health. I wish everyone who plays this to get lost and enjoy, and let go of all the ugliness that life is giving us for those brief moments gaming. This was a childhood escapee for me, as I came and I migrated to the US from a genocide torn nation. Looks like FFVII will be my safety blanket, crutch, etc to the ugly reality that life has been and continues to be at times. Anyways, happy gaming all.

  5. "You don't get a sense of the master plan for either the good guys or the bad guys."

    This is pretty typical of the Midgar section of the original. The party was just reacting to what happens to them until they choose to follow a villain when they leave the city while Shinra was mostly exploiting the planet and people for their own benefit during the Midgar section of the game.

    Though I have yet to play this, it seems odd faulting a remake for a narrative decision present in the original.

  6. I'm getting kind worried. Every review I've seen talks about the ending really screwing things up for the rest of the series. I still bought the game but the reviews aren't encouraging in-terms of the story and ending.

  7. Wow, I'm surprised this only got an 8.75. I think it totally deserves at least a 9 just for the fact they put so much effort into this game. I mean, these visuals are on par with God of War and Uncharted 4. Still a great review.
    But for me? This is easily gonna be superior of a game than something like BOTW simply because for one, the music is more impressive to me. The graphics are more impressive. The story is more impressive. The characters and main character is more impressive. The only thing I can see someone taking away points is the fact it isn't the whole game and maybe MAYBE a lack of exploration and freedom that you would get with something like Zelda. But you know what? If you're looking for an open world game, then just go back to FFXV which I for one absolutely hated.
    Anyway, I think FFVIIR is gonna be special in the way that this game means something to people in such a way that everyone wants it to be something THEY want it to be. Everyone will have their own take of what it should be and that, to me, no matter how amazing the game actually is it'll never be seen as universally amazing with this sort of mind set.

    To all who are getting this game. LESS than 3 days to go. O_O

  8. FFVII Remake looks like a game that’ll be better enjoyed just watching all the cutscenes edited together into a movie on YouTube than actually playing the game.

  9. Great work Alex. You sound animated and enthusiastic, doing the great writing by Joe justice. Keep up the good work!

  10. damn that ending…. x111 is taking a dump on tifa's face.. clouds laughing… aeriths disgusted…. barrret cant be bothered..THE END

  11. lol he complains about the combat system and some of the fights whilst showing himself getting owned by the first boss. i think thats a git gud moment

  12. The people complaining about the guys voice in the video need to go stick their hands on a hot frying pan. It's his job and why on Earth you think you're entitled to a better sounding voice of all things is beyond my comprehension

  13. isn't Aerith exposing her cleavage? as far sa I remember she doesn't show her cleavage in the original. but then I again who am I to complain, I'm just thankful for this blessing

  14. Full price and beyond for a Piece of a game? The fuck?

    And folks bitch about Micro transactions or pay to play or pay to advance. Final Fantasy just published the biggest version of this ever. Ever. Each version is gona have a 100 dollar + version of each "piece" or section. Talk about suspect.

  15. After playing and recording a walkthrough on this game I'd easily give it a 9.5. I can see why people will give it a 10. The issues I've had with it is the camera angles during battles. I love this game tho.

  16. So where just gonna ignore the 5+ years of deceptive marketing and vague bullshit bout staying faithful to the original narrative and locations so that square can sell a rebooted and padded 30hour game of a 5 hour section of the og game disguised as a remake. Where just letting companies slide with anti consumer practice now just so square can double dip in sales.

  17. I'm like 25 hours in. My only problem is just how much they stretch out certain segments. Did we need two different boss encounters in the train graveyard?

  18. Am just happy for a next gen Final Fantasy game again. You don't see games anymore like the ps1 Final Fantasy games or even ps2 era where u explore beautiful cities n do crazy fun stuff.

  19. I enjoyed it for what it is but sadly it had its problems. Summons were pointless as the summon just ran around kicking or punching things or just hiding in the corner doing nothing until you selected an action which made them all seem underwhelming and weak. Magic was also very weak in the game because of the way the game is designed melee was just better to use and faster. The game was way too short considering the price – don’t get me wrong 30-40 hours is “meh” but considering it was just filled with uninteresting side quests “fluff” that didn’t need to be there and added nothing to the original as they stated they would they just felt pointless. I see very little replay value to the game, you may replay your favourite chapters once or twice but will get old and boring quickly. They really should have waited until ps5 came out and then released the whole game on that system reducing the need to split the game by taking out 85% of the side quests they added that were pointless time consuming crap! Redo summons so they can be used more often like the original game and give magic use a bump (or at least make the visuals for the spells look a bit meaner and more flamboyant). I doubt I will be buying part 2 unless there are some major changes and let’s face it I was in my late teens when the original came out I don’t think I will live long enough to see the entire remake finally be released. The sad thing is they knew from the start that they had to/wanted to end part 1 at the end of midgar as doing a game one way and then part way through changing it to open world and changing other aspects would be odd and challenging, so they then had this very small section of the original that they had to make bigger and for some part they did a good job (Jesse,Biggs and wedge, reactors) but the rest just seemed like they ran out of ideas and just filled it with any old crap.

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