Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review

Square Enix tells a smaller, more personal Final Fantasy 7 tale and marries it with a smart mashup of action and RPG gameplay to deliver a must-play experience.

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  1. This is the first time in my 40 years of life I feel this deeply moved by the ending of a videogame review. This game clearly won your heart, and your review won mine. Congratulations.

  2. Playing the game now after the hype of release… Amazing graphics, battle mechanic really shines but the story is awful. I played the original, the story, the narrative is years better than the "remake" mashup. Sad. It's like playing one of the confused (and mediocre) spin offs. Bluepoint should have take this one to remake.

  3. I've got to admit I loved this game. My only worry is that part 2 isn't as good as this because there's just that much to this game. See how it goes though.

  4. HOW HAS THIS GOT 10 . I swear … am I playing the same game as everyone else , you are all blinded by nostalgia

  5. Bruh YES. This guy read my mind. IGN be playing with these “8/10” score bullshits.

    This remake was everything we couldve asked for. AND THE GRAPHICS. HOLY SHIT!

    Tifa tho ??

  6. This is an insanely good remake. Combat it's just OUTSTANDING. Boss fights and the soundtrack made me feel truly immersed in this fantastic universe. The story still could have better dialogues sometimes and a more "grounded" approach in general (there really is too much kingdom heartsy abstract bs at the end). But I'm really happy they took the time to develop the characters at a slower pace. The more serious tone after the bombing was absolutely great, wish the story had more of that. I'm really happy this remake has happened/ is happening. It brought that old magic back to the series. I can only wish that VIII, my favorite one, could receive the same remake treatment haha

  7. This game is not a 10. It has way too many mandatory filler side quests. The fighting system plus camera angles aren't even close to perfection. I have to ask Gamespot, was this review unbiased or was it just made by a "fanboy"? If so, please in the future, don't let a fanboy of certain game or developer review a game. They can't be honest it seems. Ps. Reminds me of Fallen order reviews around youtube where almost every reviewer was a Star wars "fanboy" and the game had a lot more problems that reviewers let us know about.

  8. What amazed me was the fact that when I lost a battle I always learned a little more about strategy without feeling like I was stuck in a rut. I knew I could try something new and get a better result next time. A rare thing in rpgs

  9. As a new player i can say its a lie that this game can be enjoyed by new comers. The game was great for the most time. But i dont have any idea of what happened at the end and i really dont feel any excitement for whats coming next. The whispers save the protagonist lives everytime they were on danger. The excitement plot of a group of rebels fighting a big corporation is leave it behind to fight that sephirot who motives are never explain. At least well. It seems there is time travel. The story lost their focus trying to be something new. I wanted to experience the game the classic story with modern mechanics. Not an alternate timeline of a story i never play.

  10. This game isn't Final Fantasy. It's Enix ripping out the guts of the original Final Fantasy genius of Hironobu Sakaguchi.

  11. I love this game a lot.
    But the characters dialogue does feel human or real ?. It's so ridiculous sometimes, it's like an alien wrote it.
    It's also a reason I love it though.

  12. Hmm. As a hobby, gaming isn't a big part of my life. I can understand why the editor enjoy the experience, I on the other hand would have to agree with the gamer community its a 7. No where is this a 10. There are no chocobos to ride, that's just uncalled for and gamespot didn't address it. :p

  13. FF7 Remake: Great on the nostalgia meter but……

    Way too short and I've never owned a game where I was forced to watch more and play less. I'd say it was a solid 60% cutscene and/or forced forward slow walking to shoehorn in dialogue and exposition. This was all made worse by the countless minutes of anime style grunting in place of dialogue. Character struggling with an idea? Having a flashback? Isn't sure what to say? Feeling self conscious? Experiencing an awkward moment? Doesn't like cats? Is hungry? Isn't hungry? Is happy? Is sad? Have them grunt!!

    If I had a penny for every time the cutscenes had someone grunted with an: "Ugh……..oh……..ugh….errgh……..oh…..ah…meh….ugh….argh…" the game would have been free. Maybe it's a cultural thing but PLEASE stop the endless anime grunting…..punctuated by "Cloud are you okay?!!??" followed by "I'm fine".

    I so wanted to love this one but it just got TEDIOUS. It was literally like watching Advent Children with a few playable battles mixed in.

  14. This is the very first 3D Final Fantasy game to be given a remake (not remastered like FF12, FFX, FF8). Final Fantasy 3 and 4 were also given remakes but they were originally 2d games.

    Steve Burton was originally going to reprise his role as Cloud Strife for the remake. However, due to his voice not matching a younger version of the character, he was replaced with Cody Christian. His voice over work on the game can be heard in the PSX 2015 trailer.

  15. I played the OG version of the game, but I haven't played the remake. After watching the 10/10 review I have to play it. It warms my heart good to see a review that's well though out and well put together. It makes the anticipation of playing the game that much more exciting to look forward too. VERY WELL DONE!!!

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