Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 34 Cool Easter Eggs And Callbacks

Think your easter egg eagle eyes can beat ours? Good luck, because ours were forged in the fires of Fort Condor. See if you caught all of these references and callbacks to the original Final Fantasy 7 in the remake!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake brings back Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barret, and the city of…

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  1. Well, that's why it's called Final Fantasy remake lol, not redo. I like how you make it sound like nobody would know any of this info lol, well maybe the kids.

  2. Adding on to the fact that Rude stops Reno from hurting Tifa, if you switch to her and try to fight Rude with her, he won’t fight her. He just puts her to sleep.

  3. spoilers

    Before I played I was set on the game being a 1 for 1 remake. After barrett was killed and brought back by the…. destiny things…I was intrigued by the thought of changes.

  4. I swear they better not make Aerith die in the remake. Now that Zack lives, they must see each other. Even if he's from a different timeline.

  5. How about Aerith paying Cloud with a date just like how Zack did it with her when he came crashing down xD Aerith acts like Zack so much in the Remake and that’s a good thing

  6. I am not sure if it is really true but, in the english version Aerith said this " because i'm not sick of you yet" while if translated from japanesse version she is saying " because i want to spent more time you" the line is exactly same with her 23 tiny little wishes from crisis core 😅

  7. I dislike just how many callbacks they put in this game. It seems way too many especially for events that havent happened yet in ff7 remake.

    Unless you adhere to the time loop theory theb you could make a case for them

  8. Been a big fan of this series and this remake on the PS5 has been beautiful with a high replay value. I hope they continue this – especially if they do a 10 remake!

  9. also the proud clod is being built in the bacground of the advanced weapons lab in the lead up to the scarlet mare fight in the dlc

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