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Debating Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Divisive Ending — Spoiled


Final Fantasy VII Remake has set the world on fire as the return to Midgar marks one of the best video game reimaginings to date. That being said, the ending of the…

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  1. I don’t buy altered timelines. You defeated Destiny outside time and space there by erasing the influence that Destiny had on the planet throughout the course of history. I think the next game is going to start out with a singular time line with altered events with only your party knowing the events that transpired in the remake. Just my theory.

  2. “…the way everyone wants it to be done…” speak for yourself buddy. I love the curveballs and meta-stuff. Some fans are so boring. They just want a beat-by-beat retelling. Reminds me of Gollum and his beloved ring. I love the fact that they opened the remake up to the unknown.

  3. I feel that both presenters here don’t know what is really happening here. One has an excuse – coming in fresh yadda yadda… but the other more “knowledgeable” one I feel has only “deep dived” by skimming the top of the pool with the information that’s out there. Anyone who’s read Lifestream Black and White in the ‘On the way to a smile’ book – that is canon – gives a pretty good indication of what sephiroth is capable of… & Aerith also. I still feel that this is the literal 8th instalment into the world of FF7 chronology – Before Crisis, Crisis Core, Last Order, FF7 og, On the way to a smile, Advent Children Complete, Dirge of Cerberus and now this – and this the games tag isn’t meant to ever have been taken as a literal sense but as a name like the others – Remake = Sephiroth is trying to remake history and Aerith is trying to stop him because they can both utilise the live-streams ability to shift and weave their way through time. It’s been a real re-igniting of a love for the story that Nomura and Nojima are laying out here and deep diving this whole thing since the release on twitch: Nam3roF – been having some great conversations about it all.

  4. This really isn't a "debate" of the ending. More of a defense of the criticisms. Which is fine, because you bring up some good points. But if I boil it all down, it sounds like you're saying:

    1. Breaking out of the cannon via multiple timelines is traditionally a lazy narrative trope.
    2. It's rife with problems and historically leads to poorly received endings, or at least ones that tend to let down people with high expectations.
    3. It gives license to go further off-script, potentially missing some of the great moments of the OG.

    Certainly, it's possible the risk that Nomura and Square Enix are taking could backfire. It's possible in a few years, we'll hear a lot of, "I told you so's." Then again, it's possible that we get another fantastic game that delivers all the memories and great moments of the OG while also furthering a unique take and plot line that people love.

    In a way, I feel that at the end of the day, much of the criticism is unnecessary shade. It's casting doubt before we've seen where Square is going to take the narrative. I certainly think it's fair to criticize poor execution, but not really all that constructive to forecast future failure. Or to setup expectations for falling short. I don't want to enter the next game thinking that "different" == "bad". I think we should enter with open minds and high hopes. After all, the first game was truly excellent — especially when the greatest criticism is the fear that the next one will fall short. Outside of that, most people seem to love the entire experience. And I think that's what really counts.


  5. i feel like what they will go for is to balance the big moments from the rest of the game. we will still go to the same places and meets the same characters but some of the event will play out diffrently or lead to different results. i like the idea but this is really a mess. hope they can make this crystal clear in the sequel

  6. 95% of people's disappointment w/ this game is that it isn't like the original at all.

    It's almost like it's not a REMASTER but a REMAKE. wowwwwwwwwwww

    FFS hard facepalm

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  8. I will never understand these people complaining they are changing things. You already know what happens in the original game so why would you want to just play it again? If you want to play it again then just play the original if they would have just done the original story it would have been a waste of time imo.

  9. Sephiroth, the one winged angel …. a nod to ff7 advent children? Dude wtf!! His final form was the one winged angel. This is the problem with game informer, the people informing dont know shit…

  10. AC Sephiroth (Black Wing) was back and knows that he will always fail and Cloud will beat him everytime. (He literally remaking the OG FF7)

    Now he's manipulating Cloud as he need him as a perfect host that's why he's asking him to join him at the end.

    He's telling Cloud that you cannot save everyone by scaring him as you can see a cutscenes when the meteor comes then Sephiroth hurts Tifa and Barret.

    Sephiroth killed Barret but Whispers saved him as he was not supposed to die yet. Whispers fixing all the butterfly effects.

    Aerith knows but cannot tell them specifically for the flow of fate to proceed as it should be.

    Cloud also tried to Omnislash Sephiroth but he blocked them all then telling him "Not yet". This confirms that Sephiroth here is from the future..

    Also the 3 Whispers Bosses were Kadaj, Los and Yazoo from AC. Try to assess them it indicates that they are from the future.

  11. I don't believe that they will diverge from the plot of the original entirely. I think that all the locations and major story beats of the original will still happen in this version, I just think that they might jumble the order a bit, or add new stuff, and change details, but there will still be plenty of opportunity for them to replay the content of the original, just like in this first chapter.

  12. I'm optimistic because they've already proved they can recreate one of the greatest games of all time (at least what happened in the original) and improved on it in many ways

  13. As a new player to FF7 world and characters I kind of want the next games to be completely different. I was spoiled on some of the major events of the original and to me it's just not exciting knowing what happens. I want to have no idea what happens next. The original is still there and Ill go back and play that at some later date but I want to experience a new fresh story that's just as good as the one I just played. Maybe I'm selfish as I'm valuing my own entertainment and enjoyment over that of the OG fans but it's what I personally want.

  14. The battle scene between cloud n sephiroth… before they enter edge of creation… really felt like lightning n Calius in 13-2… sephiroth with his telekinesis…cloud jumping around platforms…

  15. I think one of the most brilliant things about this ending is that it basically undoes the spoilers. Like I've never played the original, but the entire story has basically been spoiled to me because of how old the game is and how much it's been talked about. So basically now this game is harder to spoil because now we don't know what's going to happen. Granted I do want it to at least mostly stay true to the original and that the whole whispers thing is just a wink and nod to how things are going to be done a bit different just to explain new things added to improve the story like new characters, events, and fleshing out the characters.

  16. If they weren't planning to do a proper eemake, why didn't they just make an original new installment to the series? Final Fantasy 16

  17. Also, if it's fate for Cloud and gang to proceed as the events in the original happened, then why have arbiters of fate at all? Isn't that the whole point? That events will happen no matter what because it's been predestined? If things need to be intervened with, then it's not fate at all. It's manipulation.

  18. also what im thinking is they show the alternate timeline with zack alive and the explosion at midgar cause maybe that its this sephiroth's original timeline, it would make no sense to me that they show that if it isnt somehow related to the events on cloud's timeline

  19. I wanted to play the og ff7 cause I never did but I wanted to know it's story.. I decided to play the remake hoping to understand why it was so popular back when I was young.. imagine my disappointment when I saw the ending (I'll just play the o.g then)

  20. IF you're watching this now.. Listen to or read "Case of Lifestream" and then review the ending again… There's some significance in what's going on here.

  21. I've seen a theory that basically ff7 was all the future played out by us that never really happened, hence the ending is aerith still at the same pipe. The beginning of ff7r is basically her already knowing what played out in 7 and trying to change it(ultimately the planet is trying to wipe out sephiroth and humanity to essentially purge itself). Sephiroths motivations come from his knowledge of the future as well and trying to change his death outcome and aerith knowing he's changing things and trying to stop that and maybe eventually stop having to wipe out humanity(500 years later after ff7 per some interview with a creator). ff7remake is ultimately the story of if you know your future, would you change it?

  22. This was my first FF7 gane and the ending sent me down quite a rabbit hole that made me apreciate this franchise immensely and has me hopeful for the next installment.

  23. I think making it another new timeline is a brilliant idea and very surprising. My assumption for the upcoming story will be ……when everyone thinks the fate can be changed including Aerith’s, but still she will die, that will bring the impact.

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