Best Tips To Master Custom Designs In Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers a seemingly endless amount of possibilities to show off your style thanks to extensive customization options. This video will break down several of our favorite methods for customizing our island, whether it’s the ground and pathways, or our furniture and…

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  1. I've made some designer clothes like tommy hilfiger, CDG, Supreme, and burberry check it outt my creator code is MA-9158-2118-0521

  2. Hey I don't know if you can help me or not but I can't find an answer from anyone else yet. I have downloaded custom designs from other people and used them for paths and other things on my island. But now I want to download more designs to use for other things and I don't have any more slots open. I was going to just download them and swap them out for the old designs but I know if I do that it will replace my paths on the island. I didn't create any of these designs so I can't post them to keep. But I want to keep them! What do I do??

  3. I hope they give us like… More space or pages for our custom designs…
    Edit: is there a way we could petition this and make this happen?

  4. Only 50 slots for custom patterns is a travesty. I can only think it's due to hardware limitations. If not, PATCH MORE SLOTS IN NINTENDO!

  5. I'd appreciate if anyone can help me with this. I've seen people make tiles with custom design paths that look so real, and I want to make a white tile, but it just won't come out right

  6. If I customized a furniture (ex: bed) using an online player’s design, then overwrite that design, will my bed’s design change ?

  7. Hello i love zelda and I made a hero tunic in my opinion much better than others I see but still only my first design the code is MO-32MJ-GLR4-B5MY

  8. How does the white not show when some people create custom paths, but not for me? I try creating footprints and stepping stones, but the white keeps appearing as a whole square/tile

  9. Can someone help me? I've downloaded some custom paths from amazing creators, they're like street designs, and the crosswalks always look so thin and ugly on my island, but so pretty and thick on the creators island.

  10. I'm actually pissed right now. I made this really cute grape dress and I uploaded it to my kiosk. This was weeks ago. Today I decided to change the design a little bit and when I was done I was prompted with the message "You've included a word or phrase that can't be used." ? The name of my dress is called "Grape Dress" It's literally the same name I gave the design when I first made it and I had no problem using the name then. Now all of a sudden I can't use it because it's not allowed? I even tried using the same name in different orders. Nothing. Please tell me my game is bugging?! There are even items in the game with the name "grape" and there's even an original grape dress. I've also seen people use the same name for their designs, but I'm having a problem now?!?

  11. i literally just need to know how to add them to walls ?? idk but i want them to look like shelves since im making a cafe.

  12. how the heck do u put a design on the wall by itself. everytime i try to place the custom design (it’s a design of a painting) it just puts it as my wallpaper??? help pls

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