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A Day In The Life Of Grounded

Video Producer Leo Vader walks through one in-game day playing Grounded, Obsidian’s miniature survival sim, launching to Xbox Game Preview on July 28.

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  1. Man, I hope the dev considers adding in flies, mosquitoes, mantises, assassin bugs, bees and hornets. As well as non-bug threats. Like lizards and frogs or toads.
    As I could really see frogs and mosquitoes being the mobs around that flooded part of the yard. And things like the toad ruling over the toxic area.
    I believe this is also supposed to come to the XB X as well. If so, It'll be on point with 60fps and ray tracing!

  2. ever since they announced it i've been looking forward to this game. as a pc player i'm very happy Microsoft finally (after many years of negligence) has started to show love to pc . It always blew my mind how a company that is literally on the majority of a platform would just ignore it when they are already making software that is compatible for it. I digress, this game looks amazing, and there's a few studios i trust these days and obsidian is one of them, can't wait to play it.

  3. This is the first survival game that actually looks interesting to me, unless Leo's laid back delivery just makes it seem so easy to master. Either way, thanks for the update Leo and GI!

  4. This game looks amazing!! Can't wait to play this with my daughter!! I just turned her on Honey I Shrunk the Kids and I was like this would make a cool game, them boom, here is Grounded!!

  5. OMG Thank you soooo much I’ve watched like a million videos learning about this game and finally got your video! Thank you!

  6. How are people sitting here giving reviews on a game that did a one-time 30 minute demo which was 100% of all of their current content the game just released last night it takes you a whole five minutes to work through the entirety of all of the content yet there's all these people saying they're so in love with this game and it's such a great game but there's literally nothing to it it's a bare minimum content game literally will take you a hundred times longer to download it then it will to play through it all of the creatures in the game walk straight through your buildings like they don't even exist they take retarded amount of damage no matter what armor you are using so far this game is nothing more than a beautiful extreme disappointment

  7. I actually discovered that door and it was locked I guess it’s for when they add more storyline which is why he probably cut out the part where he entered

  8. Due to update, White ants are actually Soldier Ants and are now Red and only spawn in ant hills, also in Grounded I have 2 full sets of Ladybug Armor with 2 mint mallots, 2 insect axe's and 1 Insect hammer. I also have completed the main objectives and my main base so now I am just trying to set up small outposts in the important locations so I can store items and spend the night at thinks like the Oak tree and Berry Bush. The reason I have 2 gear sets is because one is a backup set if I die and cant get my items back

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