Xbox Series X: Everything You Need To Know So Far, In Under 4 Minutes

Microsoft dropped a ton of new Xbox Series X details onto Xbox Wire, teaching us more about what the next-generation console can do. We already knew about Quick Resume, which allows you to suspend three Series X games simultaneously and seamlessly jump between them, but a new video showed the…

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  1. I really hope the controller is smaller even just a tiny bit. My hands tend to get sore after a while. A lot of people work the fields weather its grapes oranges olives or anything that really involves hand work. The more open your hands are the more you are forcing your nerves and muscles. I really really hope it is.

  2. This is the nex gen console jump from xbox? 不 they are jumping but out of the ring 不不不不

    I want a real next generation console, not an emulator for that I have my PC

    If really xbox will do this, they will lost this next gen console before they start… and to be honest it's not a surprise, if they was putting Valhalla as his greatest game in the last show and everyone knows about what's is this game.. and if you like it also comes to PS5…

  3. Ladies and gentlemen, Xbox cannot continue competing in the professional league and throws the towel and go to compete in the Stadia league.
    Smart move.. One-eyed man is king in the land of blinds.

  4. I went from definitely going to be owning one to not. The discontinuation of the xbox one x has basically turned MS into google overnight in my eyes. Not to be trusted w products. They also introduced parity to the console market w the system they failed to discontinue yesterday. They are planning on doing it again. I only owned a 360 in that gen. Owned both upgraded consoles this gen. Will be exclusively ps5 next gen.

  5. But to do that and release 2 different types of architecture again, while the other guy acknowledges it holds software back from ever outperforming the cheaper hardware, they turned around and have done it again, while Sony seems to have learned this lesson very pointedly this gen.

  6. MS has in essence put me back on the system that was gutted to pay for kinect being included and put my future w the xbox one x in the hands of Ebay supply sharks.

  7. You've also made what's happened to supposed pc nazis for years happen to me once. Not to the tune of thousands but 100 dollars is plenty enough for me to be hot.

  8. So sony is forcing people to buy a ps5 to play a 5 hour spiderman ps4 add on and Microsoft is not forcing me to buy the xsx to play hours and hours of halo infinite. There not even forcing me to buy the game because it's on game pass day one and I can play it at work on my tablet because xcloud is free. This is not a shot at sony fans but u can cleary see xbox gamers win day one.

  9. I tried to come up w a pro and con list for the 2 systems the other day. Or a what beats what list. As a xbox fanboy in the day, I had to put about 25 things in the sony category. Xbox got controller and that's where list stops.

  10. I've run tests between the 2. When you have dsl internet. The ps downloads the same game much faster than an xbox as well. They cant even beat sony at downloading.

  11. I have more respect for Microsoft now and Sony on the other hand is falling in my eyes with more time, I've so many products from Sony but they don't provide proper service and are only after money.

  12. Considering 70$ games i am going for team xbox after being a ps user from ps1 fo ps4. Looking back at last gen we had 6 or 7 exclusive and i paid shit ton of money on 3rd party games while xbox owner enjoyed them with gamepass.

  13. Damn backward compatible to all 4 consoles before I mean xbox series x has that it's really good cause I missed a couple a games I wanna play for 360 but I don't have one so m gonna buy series x and play them love Xbox series x

  14. Why does it sound like the specs on my 3 years old ryzen PC build is better . . You guys are better of building a PC for cheap . . No need to wait

  15. Ok so I have 2 ssds filled with games. If I were to plug this into the series x I wouldnt be able to play them even though they are my games and linked to my account? Unless I buy these new chips?

  16. Ok haven't been into gaming in a while….what does this Share button do? And please don't just say "it shares" ya smart ass lol

  17. I own a ps4 but Im 100% going to get this.
    The reasons are:
    1. Sony is keeping way too quiet about the damn price
    2. The ps5 just looks ugly ah.
    3. I have a shit ton of nostalgia playing on the Xbox 360
    4. I. Just. Want. Backwards compatibility

  18. I have the OG Xbox One and i have an external 4tb Seagate hard drive. What would be the benefits of upgrading too the XseX and if I did could I still play all my games that are downloaded on my Seagate hard drive (which is pretty much everything) if someone could help me out that'd be great thanks.

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