Why Time Travel In Animal Crossing Is A Bad Idea

Time skipping may seem like a good way to speed things up in Animal Crossing, but if you aren’t careful it can screw up your island. Here’s why you shouldn’t time skip.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has finally arrived on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s charming life sim series has always had a…

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  1. Obviously, if you wanna time travel go right ahead! I just wanted to share some of the disadvantages of skipping ahead. If you do want to time travel I recommend taking it one day at a time. Cheers!

  2. Those reasons aren’t enough, I think I would want to know about data. I did this and now I seem to have lost my extra books cranny, I have the back platform of three dailies, but the one to the left is gone now.

  3. i just time travelled and when i time travelled back to the real time everything that was supposed to happen the next day already happened. what should i do? i’ve just skipped a day ahead and can’t go back

  4. I'm playing New leaf and I time travel all the time.
    I've said I'm going to restart and not time travel but I get bored and do it a anyway. The only thing I don't like in new leaf is the bed head. I don't actually care too much about the villagers I don't have a favorite one.

  5. I hope this comment helps some clueless player: villagers WON'T leave if you time travel in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    (this happened in past games)

  6. People who time travel = Impatient or doesnt have much time on their hands

    People who dont time travel but will attack other players for time traveling even though it’s the other’s choice how to play the game = 🤡

  7. The farthest I Time travelled was back to bunny. It wasn't really worth but the only downside is weeds but selling gives me nook miles so yeah

  8. Thats actually not true about them moving out you need to agree via dialogue for them to move out when they get a thought bubble they dont just leave.

  9. I mean, this is your opinion so shouldn't it be titled "Why I THINK Time Travel in Animal Crossing is a bad idea"? This video comes across as really shamey, let people do what they want it's not a competitive game.

  10. While I've personally never bothered using Time Travel myself, I can say fairly confidently that players have been using it at least as far back as the Gamecube release, and there is REALLY no point in arguing over it. It’s basically an unofficial game mechanic at this point. Also, New Horizons’ early game is too slow, and I’m saying this as someone who has played previous Animal Crossing games. Anyone who wants to skip through that tedium is well within their rights to do so in my book.

  11. the only thing that used to irk me about time travel people was the fact that they would be the same people who complained that the game was lacking (which in many respects it is) but sped through it on launch day

  12. i´ve always been against it, but now i have to move all my shops and resident homes back from the beach to their real places and i dont wanna wait 2 weeks, logging on every day so i will timetravel now

  13. it ruins the game point blank. y’all can say it doesn’t ruin it for you, but you don’t know the joy of playing it the way it was intended because you’re too impatient to let the rewards roll out in time

  14. So rite now the update hit and on harvs Island you can only get 1 new shop a day and there are 7 and that's gonna take forever if time travel to get them all done a day at a time and then go back to today's real date will anything be messed up ?? Will they all delete?

  15. I have time traveled 15 days to the future since i have heard some villagers wants to League the island at that time, and i had a nightmare-villager at my town, then i skipped ahead and no one had that thought bubble, then i tried to skip back to my own time and it was still the same at my island, i am New at this game and i want everything back to normal and i wanna hold a ceremony for my new town-hall Resident services tomorrow

  16. I do not like time traveling at all. It's meant to be played at a slow pace and enjoyed like a daily life journey. It's the whole point of it. I honestly think people who feel the need to time travel are very impatient people with short attention spans. I also find it kinda dumb when a time traveler complains that there isn't anything left to work for or do. Well of course there isn't if you run through the game super quickly and miss out on the journey. I'm not going to ever tell someone that they have to play a certain way but it does kinda make me feel disgusted a bit when I see it so much. People don't want to work for something and take time to feel proud of what they did over time it's like they have to have it all as quickly as possible.

  17. I didn’t know that time travel can effect your village/ island. For new leaf with the keep town ordnance added I played all the way to October then fast forward then I get back to be playing new leaf again after 2 months to December. As I see some fruit on trees & more flowers plus weeds as a good effect. My favorite villagers stay in the village & get sad or surprised that I disappeared. With hair messed up & need a haircut to fix my hair. Plus other negative consequences added in. I’ve been playing happy home designer & new horizons to keep my mind away from new leaf for a while. Also I’m a normal player not a greedy type & I just want to see my favorite villagers on my island during new horizons.

  18. I’m just wondering, if it’s December and I time travel back to august will all the December events still happen? I dont want to miss them but I lime my island better in that season

    I might have ruined my whole acnh save file. I time travel to a Thursday and got 3 stars therefore the kk slider event. After that I panicked and chnged my time back to the day I was on (Sunday) And I came in nobody talked about kk and I thought. Wich day will he come Monday day after Sunday wich is the real time I travelled back to because Kk comes the day after you get 3 stars and talk to Isabelle. SO which day will he come Monday or Friday??????? PLEASE HELP (Sorry for spelling mistakes im a bit shaky at the time)

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