How A Toy Gun Became DOOM’s Iconic BFG – Loadout

The BFG 9000 is an iconic part of DOOM’s identity. It is as recognizable as the Super Shotgun or Doomguy’s form-fitting forest green armor. But how exactly did a Toys R Us purchase in the early 90s lead to one of the most recognizable of all video game weapons?

Join us as we track the evolution…

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  2. The only thing they could do to make this video better is playing “the only thing they fear is you” the entire vid

  3. the SpaceX thing is called Starship, Im guessing because its far easier to market it to government critters under that name. Though hearing the NASA director say "Big Fucking Rocket" would have been great.

  4. Magnum Research makes a gun known as the BFR which technically stands for "Biggest Finest Revolver" but we all know what it really stands for.

  5. Actually the first update to the BFG was quake 2 as since it was the gun that shoots an explosive plasma ball that shoots rays
    Using the BFG with the quad damage allowed you to clear a whole corridor of enemies as long as the ball didn't exploded on something.

  6. I swear, every single time you pull the trigger on the BFG feels like a Big Deal, no matter how many times you do it, and this applies both to the classic and modern Doom games.

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