Ghost Of Tsushima Release Date & Story: Everything You Need To Know In Under 4 Minutes

The Ghost of Tsushima release date is June 26. Here’s everything we know so far about Sucker Punch’s next PS4 exclusive.

Sucker Punch has announced the Ghost of Tsushima release date, alongside a new story trailer. The samurai game is set on the real-world Tsushima Island, which was invaded by…

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  1. Dunno if this has been mentioned already? but I sooooo hope it's got various flavours of difficulty, and not just punishingly difficult!! I love this 'vibe' of game and hope to God I get to play it at the level of difficulty I choose!!! Totally switched me off from Sekiro and stopped me buying Nioh 2 ?

  2. When they say Ghost (冥人), a man from the dead, the connotation is that he doesn't adhere to rules; a wandering man who lost everything. Samurai are trained to fight with honor, a very strict set of rules. For example, stealth killing is definitely not allowed (i.e. imagine ninjas, that is a NONO for samurai). Since he "died" once and he is filled with a vengeful rage and feels desperate, he engages in these dishonorable fighting methods, hence his mentor warning him of the path he is taking.

  3. Special edition steel book does not get same as digital deluxe Edition steel book only get mask and sword were collectors and deluxe get ever thing

  4. PS4 is coming out with some insanely good exclusives recently, we're only around 25 days till this releases and I can't wait to see how it plays.

  5. God damn it …. Everytime I come back to watch the gameplay trailer and such. I'm so annoyed that I have to wait 🙁 I'm so excited for this game that I hope I can play it when I'm off work…… Or get it downloaded before I go to work. On the day of release.
    Just the wait is so unresistible…..

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