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Doom Eternal Video Review

While the 2016 version of Doom was a step in the right direction, Doom Eternal sets the bar even higher with the series’ best combat, thoughtful traversal, and fun secrets to collect. To illustrate that, we’re proud to introduce you to our first…

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  1. Been playing the game for a few hours and it isn’t as fun as the first one. What happened to the power ups. Now doom guy doesn’t feel as invincible since most of the time you have to be looking for ammo. It’s ok just not better than the first one.

  2. Great stuff! I'll be watching every one of these. Combining ones writing skills with Alex' voice is smart. Alex has a pretty deep voice and could articulate a bit better for us non-native speakers.

  3. 9.25/10 is the dumbest score I’ve seen in a while. The whole (reviewing) world is moving away from decimals, while these guys keep adding them. Great debut guys.

  4. I don't know why, but newer DOOM games just look like generic garbage. There's so much stuff wrong, from the HUD to the weird "I'm trying to hard" demons and graphics, the blinking opponents or just all the super colorful boxes that come out of enemies. These DOOM games just look ridiculous. Am I the only one to think that older original DOOM is better looking and more violent? Hmm…

  5. Love the work! An amazing game so far. I’m a newer channel. I want to give a free copy of DOOM Eternal away. How do you think my best way of doing this is?

  6. You done did it! Congratulations, GI! I like the expansion of video content. I am old school and will still read your articles, but it is great to have this addition entertainment.

  7. I dont understand why cant just add a team deathmatch ? Its really simple, we dont need complex modes, just 1v1 or team deathmatch.

  8. The words this guy uses to talk about a FPS game sound straight out of the script Bethesda wrote for reviewers… the colorful hyped up language to describe switching between weapons had me laughing.. "the available weapons give players the tools to approach combat from a number of vectors"…. that's like EVERY FPS EVER

  9. Why do you guys still use 'bullshots' on your homepage…? I often hear you guys talking about how you dont like it when companies use them for promotional purposes and yet you guys have been doing it for years… Seems a bit hypocritical to me… Just sayin… Still love what you guys do though!

  10. I imagine a great many people will disagree with me, but Doom Eternal is just there. I don't hate it, but I don't love it. In my opinion for a game that WAS (massive emphasis on was) about hyper kinetic battle balls to the wall action Doom Eternal has too much thinking involved, from absolutely needing to hit crit spots, ammo economy being absolutely abysmal, and having to work out how to chain the 800 or so abilities to survive for a game that did the balls to the walls action so well it's just too much thinking. If I want to play a game with thinking involved instead of just ripping and tearing no offense to Doom Eternal but I'll pick a million other games first. Maybe it's my skill level I'm willing to admit that, but at the same time I beat 2016 on ultra violence with minimal set back and I've beaten other pinnacle difficulties on games, LASO halo 3 for example, and even normal mode feels beyond frustrating because I have to micro manage things when I just want to rip and tear. Beyond that hitting things like crit spot in a game that clearly wants you to move 80 mph 24/7 just feels tedious and frustrating. I'll reiterate I'm willing to admit it might be my skill level, but im only on normal and I handily beat 2016 on ultra violence.

  11. Hey game companies… this is what happens when you actually give a shit about the product you make and don’t shove egregious microtransactions in our faces to make a quick buck
    In other words,

    Doom Eternal singlehandedly glory-killed all of the shitty FPS games we have today.

  12. The puzzle solving and platforming in order to progress and explore should be a staple in the franchise going forward. I love it and also the multiplayer was trying something different based on the reception of 2016? Cant make everyone totally happy I suppose but it seems like you understand the game is centered around singleplayer based on your score. overall great review

  13. I didnt like the colors on screen everything was too colorful and not gritty. Doom 3 made be believe I was on mars in a bad situation doom 2016 made me feel like I was on Mars as a demon killing slayer lol…doom eternal after the badass opening cutscene made me realise I was playing a game a game world on maps. The game is fun but I was never lost in the world. Why would there be green lights? Or boosters to jump in the second floor? Team deathmatch style.

  14. Hehehe, the series that INVENTED deathmatch in 1993, launched with super crappy multiplayer…. sigh can sure tell that none of the original crew are around.

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