Doom Eternal Easter Eggs And References

From copies of Quake 3 on the Doom Slayer’s shelf and classic weapons making a comeback, to finding Daisy the Rabbit, these are Doom Eternal’s best Easter Eggs.

Doom has always been full of bizarre secrets, hidden gems and easter eggs and Doom Eternal may have more than all the rest put…

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  1. Ok crazy theory and I’m probably wrong but if doomguy is also known as a hellwalker and the hellwalker book looks like that boss demon you come across when your with the humans (sry don’t know the name) and he says “you were nvr one of us” so maybe he was one of the doomguys friends? Maybe he was a doom slayer? Plz correct me if I’m wrong😁

  2. i've seen a lot of people talking up devilish daggers as a reference to devil daggers but i dont think it is. devil dagger was one of the concept names for wolfenstein i believe

  3. I found another daisy, ill try my best to explain where she is… sorry if it's not the best explanation. on the level "ascend the soul spiral" when you get to the part where you drop down and slide into this room with like blue essence. Well you can find daisy before you jump down there, there will be this little part on the left you can jump to and shes there behind the bars. Sorry I tried my bes to explain

  4. Here's an interesting thought: what if the Soul Cube was made by the Mayker's (Maykr's)? You know… Since all the games are tied together, Doom 3 being a different universe. Just a thought.

  5. The tape actually doesn’t have both soundtracks on it, it has a load of background and static sounds but it has a code to both soundtracks

  6. I know he had a spoiler warning but i didnt expect unmaykr footage immediately after. Damn hadnt seen it shoot till then. Wish he wouldve showed it in the case for a moment instead of going straight to shooting it. Whatever my fault

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