Call Of Duty: Warzone – 9 Essential Tips To Help You Win The Battle Royale

We’ve gathered some essential tips to help aid you in your attempt to win in Call of Duty’s new battle royale mode, Warzone.

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  1. The narrator continually drops his "t" – "ba-ul" instead of "battle", "wealf" instead of "wealth", "figh-ing" instead of "fighting", for instance.

    It would be great if people who narrate videos know how to pronounce basic words.

  2. He’s so called tips are Full of bird Doodoo super obvious nothing that you wouldn’t know i’m just playing the training mode. thumbs down this video for cluttering YouTube!

  3. Anyone wanna play with me Im tired of playing with randoms and losing all the time. If you want add me psn John kay.or Activision account HydratedPelican.

  4. Most of these tips are basically just explanations of the resources available in warzone. Not really all too helpful. I'm looking for tips on how you can have a better edge on your opponent in a gunfight. Things like what guns to use, what places to land, what places to hide, using cover, having high ground, what tacticals work best. If anyone has any tips I would like to know.

  5. If you played the tutorial this video is useless. I was expecting some good kit locations and tricks in the video, but the video to,d you common sense and shit that any player with brain function knows. Shit video.

  6. The only reason I don't win is because I get too distracted by vehicles

    When I'm dropping down and I see an suv or something similar I just go straight towards it and pick my teammates up and we just drives around in the batmobile

  7. I finished 14th on Battle Royale I need to do better! I need some tips! (I wouldn't have died if I used the tracker while going inside the fire station -.-)

  8. and I have a tip for you: Join team mates that you know cuz basically people you won't know (not everyone) will not help you. And tip 2: The tracker is important too Everytime (especially when the safe zone is very small). If you don't know how to get the tracker, go to your armory and modify what ever personal equipment you want and go to the "tactical weapons" and chose Tracker. And if you wanna have your Tracker immediately, go to the "Buy Station" and buy the "Loadout Drop Marker" and choose your equipment personal with the tracker so you can have it immediately (so you don't need to find the tracker somewhere). But becareful when you'll go to your Loadout Drop because there's gonna be many enemies! If these tips were helpful, Thank you! Please comment for more tips!

  9. 2 of the 3 People in your squad equip a pila rocket launcher in their equipment, buy an ammunition box and both get stocked up on ammunition, 3rd teammate get a chopper, pick both teammates up, fly around map looking for other choppers or vehicles to blow up from far distance (pila has homing missiles that always hit) | got 20 kills just with that 🙂 and it is a ton of fun! You must try this

  10. ayeeee keep it up you've gotz sum insane gameplay Keep up the grind! honestly you'll do really good if you keep uploading if you have time maybe checkout my recentt and give me some feedback cheers!

  11. I did all of that , and i practiced well , and until now i didn't win even once .

    I'm so good , but I didn't know why i have bad luck

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