Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Everything You NEED To Do On The First Day

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is finally out, and if you want your island to succeed, there are few things you have to do on day one. In this video, Jake will walk you through some of the activities you need to do on your first day.

Most importantly, you’ll need to get your museum prepped by…

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  1. My switch finally arrived today (I bought the game previously but obviously had no way of playing it until I got the switch in the mail) and I’m so excited to wake up tomorrow and meet blathers and donate all of the critters I caught today!!

  2. when shaking trees make sure you have a net, if you get a wasps nest you will be lined up just a second after the nest falls and you can catch them. They also sell for 2,500 bells 🙂

  3. (Excuse me, but this can be helpful so please pin it) If you start the game around Aug 2020 or later, buy a wetsuit, this is so you can access other areas of the game, you’d normally need a vaulting pole for, early on.

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