8 Crucial Tips For Starting Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you’re unfamiliar with Animal Crossing or haven’t played in a while it can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, we have some tips that should help you get through your first few days and weeks.

We’ve been enjoying Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the past few weeks and, like previous…

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  1. I stupidly installed it and have been playing on my switch lite that doesn't have a right stick. Am I missing out on anything not having it? Also I can't transfer my save to my other switch is that correct?

  2. Hate that the damn tools keep breaking. It's so annoying having to make them again and waste materials that could be use for request or other things you are wanting to make ? even with the improved tools they STILL break and iron nuggets are hard to come by even when hitting rock daily. I only have FOUR rocks total on mine

  3. Is there an option to switch mayors in ACNH? My sister kind of beat me to the switch while I was still sleeping, so she made her character first. Choose the island, etc. i made my character second. The thing is that my sister hardly play and she is basically the mayor. I spent countless hours grinding on my character (as a villager) and i notice that there are things I cannot do that the mayor can. It’s incredibly frustrating, i spent more than 12 hours grinding to learn that the mayor needs to play in order for the game to progress. I literally have a house built, while my sister’s character stopped playing after she put down her tent.

  4. Does anyone know if there are tools in the game that can't break? (Please try to reply with as little spoilers as possible)

  5. My boyfriend sold our switch months ago. I never played animal crossing before but I just bought a new switch for the sole purpose of playing this game. I can’t wait till it arrives!!

  6. Not trying to sound like a troll. Just generally curious. What is the appeal of this for adults? Isn’t this just living life? Please explain.

  7. It seems that in only ACNH any outfit you choose whether it’s a beret and a bath towel or a dress and a building cap it looks good no matter what ? that’s one thing that makes the game what it is, I’m looking forward to getting a switch ??

  8. also if you get the pocket game on your phone and hook it up to your nintendo account and you can redeem a code and get exclusive items

  9. I got super confused bc Mabel was on my island but then she just disappeared and I’ve been waiting for any sign of getting the store but there’s nothing

  10. I have a question, please help me.
    My sister has a switch and she’s been playing AC for months now. I’ve ordered another switch, that will become my personal. When i’m going to put the card of the game in my switch (the same card that she uses on her console), the game will start from the beginning, without her data, right?

  11. This may be off topic but I’m worried for starting another account in new horizons because i have a full town of villagers

  12. I just started playing ACNH a few days ago and have made no progress whatsoever as I have no idea what I’m supposed to do and don’t wanna mess up anything, it’s kinda overwhelming tbh. I really do want to play this game I just don’t know how to get started ;/

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