10 Minutes of Half-Life: Alyx Gameplay

Valve just released several gameplay teasers revealing some epic environments in City 17. We’ve compiled over 10 minutes showcasing combat, environment interactions, and various nail-biting encounters as Alyx faces off with some classic Half-Life enemies. Half-Life: Alyx comes out March 23rd on…

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  1. 5:10 As long as the game is designed to be played at this pace I can't imagine myself ever using the teleport function. I know speed runners will never walk anywhere, but for immersion the idea of never walking is just too much for me.

  2. VR exclusive lol. Will just get Doom: Eternal instead which releases a couple day before this game.

    Because I can play Doom: Eternal on my PC with you know. Keyboard and mouse.

  3. Really hoping Half Life 3 isn't VR because it would alienate so much of the HL fan base, that and I'm not paying for a $1,000+ VR headset and equipment to play a $50 game.

  4. this looks awesome, but I really hope they add comfort options for full locomotion direct movement as I have no need for VR training wheels. I Always turn comfort settings OFF. I really don't want to be forced to teleport through a high-quality game like this, it would ruin too much of the immersion.

  5. It looks good. Little disappointed by the pistol sound not being the familiar sound of the 9mm from the other half life games. Did like the combine having their radio go dead when they die or whatever that noise is supposed to mean.
    Not sure how I feel about the teleport bunny hops, though. They seem… silly.

    All in all, it does look cool, and is probably set to be one of the first VR games I buy. I'm just not going to go nuts just yet. I'll save that for seeing if the game actually lives up to the hype.

  6. Looks awesome, but this video would be better without the person skipping forward several feet rather than walking. Unless there's some reason for it? It's really jarring to watch even on Youtube and isn't a feature I'd want to use unless I got stuck. Edit: Now that I got through the video, I realize why they have this feature but I could see some kind of pressure/speed-sensitive multi-axis foot pedal being a much better way to move around rather than just teleporting to every destination.

  7. I am amazed that this game is still Half-Life 2, 16 years later. And that's not a knock on it, that they didn't feel the need to do a more extensive reimagining of the aural and visual aesthetic of Half-Life 2 is refreshing.

  8. If you had actually monitored anything Valve has done in the last 3 years you would have known this was going to be a VR game. I knew something like this was eventually going to happen since 2016.

  9. The random camera movement is very irritating. Also who cares about Alyx? We want the Freeman! Anyway Valve says it's not a techdemo. Yes it is.

  10. It looks fire except for the fact that you need to pay like 250 for a vr headset to even play this. I hope they release a pc version that would honestly be fire

  11. This is crap. I hate VR games where you "jump" from spot to spot. VR is meant to simulate a reality that comes close to ours. I am not jumping through the world and I seriously don't know why they slimmed down their potential customers by forcing a VR only upon them. So I won't buy nor will I play it. Stupid move, Valve.

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