Why Persona 5 Royal Should Be Worth Your Time

You may be hesitant to pick up Persona 5: Royal if you already put well over 100 hours into the original game back in 2017. But we’re here to tell you what’s new in this expanded version of the game that makes it worth worth diving back in.

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  1. I gave this a like, but I had a huge issue with "so this is what the final palace is about, and Kasumi awakens, so she wasn't running around, doing her own thing at any point. Also, she struggles with being a Phantom Thief. But I'm not going to spoil anything.".

  2. other game developers be like : why don't we remake our old games to live every gamers childhood memories again.

    Atlus be like : hey other companies are remaking their games and it looks like it's doing great, so how about we remake our not so old but highest selling games?

  3. I only started with persona 5 royal this past june-july as my first persona game. What i liked about it overall:
    -Enjoyable enough characters (thank goodness theres a japanese voice option, cuz english sounds so bad)
    -good story
    -minimal typical anime cutscenes and graphics
    -turn-based RPG elements had a lot of unexpected things to make it stand out.
    9/10 for me.

  4. Persona 5 has been the greatest thing to happen to me in a long time and im so glad ive been with this franchise for over a year now…and im gonna buy the phantom thief edition as my first collectors edition set

  5. I just don't know If I want to spend another 100 hours on a game that is very similar to the original. I never replay single-player games, and 100 hours is a lot of time. I think I'd rather play and finish 3 other games.

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