The History Of Nazi Zombies

With the release of Zombie Army 4: Dead War, Dave takes a look at the history of the Nazi zombie, and the bizarre occult links and myths that have helped inspire games like Call of Duty, Wolfenstein, and movies like Hellboy and Indiana Jones.

Nazi Zombies make for great video game…

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  1. I don't agree with the thing you're saying in the beginning cuz a lot of the soldiers did not know what was going on they just wanted to fight for their country they weren't part of the Nazi party but the SS they knew what they were doing and I just found it really disrespectful

  2. Dont hate the soldier on the front line who misses his family when the government is the ine who put him there to begin with. Even with the German soldiers of ww2. The gestapo and higher ups? Pure evil or cowards trying to dave their own skins for sure. The average soldier on the frontlines? Just another innocent bystander just like any russian, brit, american, and frenchman on the front lines

  3. Not all nazis were evil racist people, some were just forced into it not having a clue what they’re fighting for.

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