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Resident Evil 3 Remake (4K) – New Gameplay Today

Reeves joins Cork and Leo to talk over some gameplay from the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 3, the long-awaited sequel to the remake of Resident Evil 2!
Resident Evil 3 releases April 3 on Xbox, PS4 and PC.

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  1. Maybe those talking over the top need to shut up! If you actually knew how it was made then you’d know why it was different, it’s because Capcom didn’t make it they only published it

  2. Yeah, another version of RE4 is just what we need. It's only the game that had been ported ten times more than any other in the series

  3. Lets have a bunch of unfunny retards spew shit out their mouths for the entire video while giving zero discussion regarding the game at all.

  4. Well resident evil 3 takes place after resident evil1 believe it or not, and Jill was in the first one so that’s why she’s not surprised by some of this stuff unlike Leon and Claire in 2

  5. I can't wait for GameStop to shut down so you guys get shutdown as well, what a terrible channel with unbelievably clueless and unprofessional people

  6. very nice video game play Re3. A little puzzling Where the original weapons nemesis figures like rocket launcher armored fist rotary machine gun ??? I also wonder how it is possible to win the Demo and I still don't? I'd also like to make a video for this game

  7. Game Informer, please don't comment on any futrue Resident evil videos/gameplay footage. Because you guys, not only was coming out with some serious crap, but the lack of knowledge about what you're talking about, not to mention the lack of knowledge about the franchise itself was embarrassing to say the least.

    Not to mention, calling Nemesis generic and etc, was b.s to say the least. Considering that he's much more intimidating than he's first appearance back in 1999, but if you are going to continue talking over Resident Evil videos in the futrue then ….

    Then I suggest you get people that actually know what they are talking, and not the bunch of idiots you have on this one. Thank you. 👍

  8. Actually it looks worse than original. Guys, it looks like most of you didnt play RE3 original back then. Totally different sensation. CAPCOM didnt even make different music and models, just copied them from previous remake.

  9. This is the last mandatory fight of nemesis in this form. The next encounters with him will be some scripted linear crap like the Ustanak. The next boss fight is that lame ass reptilian form of his

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