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Outriders’ Weirdest Legendary Weapons In Action

Video Producer Leo Vader gives an exclusive look at three of Outriders’ Legendary weapons, showcasing their unique designs and abilities. For more on Outriders, stay tuned to our YouTube channel or head to to…

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  1. The "Industry" is full a insane propaganda pushers which if they put as much effort as they do with their reeeeing and propaganda into the animation we would not be watching stuff like this.
    MK, Star Wars and now this, so awful.

  2. Damn there’s a lot of hate going on to this game. I was like y’all when anthem showed it’s reveal, and now I feel the opposite. I’m still going to have the wait and see approach to this game, because that has never failed me yet.

  3. Why all the hate? It does look like destiny and anthem, but they lead a pathway and they failed. Anthem went down the drain and bungie can’t keep their game up they nerf and mess up too much. They are just really inconsistent, I got hope for the game and it looks like it brings cool dynamics. Obviously don’t buy it off the shelf and give it some time but so far it looks promising.

  4. This video changed my mind about this game. The other youtubers made this game looks so generic and bland, and yet this video shows off more interesting armor and weapons. More Sci-fi/Dark Fantasy. I'm with it

  5. Gears judgement and bullet storm in particular have a knack of showing us new
    Things in some very over saturated genres…looks like a good blend of gears of wars grit and shooting and destinys loot and pacing…I'll always wait for reviews and pray they dont offer beta access or somthing desperate for pre orders because that always shows a lack of faith in a product…it should speak for itself.

  6. Outriders looks good. The devs have showed gameplay, loot from different tiers, abilities, and etc. So it’s miles ahead of Anthem and even Destiny/Destiny 2 so far. This will be the first looter shooter i by since the division 2. The Division series, besides Borderlands, is the my favorite looter shooter right now. The Division and Borderlands both are fun games yet we still get shitty releases like Destiny 2 and Anthem.

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