Nioh 2 Has More Of What Fans Want

We recently got hands-on time with Nioh 2 and saw just how much has changed with the upcoming prequel. Check out some new yokai powers, exploration, advanced combat mechanics, and a boss fight against Shibata Katsuie who dual-wields axes and has a fiery companion. Nioh 2 will release March 13th…

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  1. pre-ordering tomorrow. im sold. never finished the 1st one, only bc it got sooo hard and other games came out that were more polished. you can hate me for that, I am just being honest.

  2. can we get more inventory slot to carry more item like ammunition, arrow cause that shit so much annoy me, i hate to back track to a corp for arrows or ammunition's or at least resupply those thing went we get to the prayer stone to save, not went we leave the fucking stage or restart the stage or die to dumb shit like falling of the fucking stage. can we fucking have cop up with friend for the main story and not have to complete it in order to send help when going online and can we please get more stamina or ki cause that piss me of went your avatar get tire in middle of the battle and stand to die. i think that all that nioh 2 should in proven on if they want my money.

  3. What I hated most about Nioh 1 was the janky animations and controls. After playing the beta this one seems way smoother and feels better to play. Looking forward to it.

  4. I recently bought Nioh complete edition and I thought it was really complex. Compared to Bloodborne, it offers very specific customization. But the main concern that I did not like is that weapons don't feel unique, they can be easily replaced.

  5. My hats off to whomever was playing. You played pretty well. Also you SMARTLY
    took advantage of the pose & didn't kill the chest yokai. (A thumbs up for this alone)
    Its a lot easier, and less annoying, just matching a pose, as opposed to trying to fight the yokai for that loot.

  6. I’m playing the 1st DLC on Nioh Complete Edition for pc and have loved this game, it’s right up there with Bloodborne and Sekiro on my tops. Can’t wait for this one and I have a PS4 but playing the first on the PS4 makes me want to wait patiently until November for the pc release. This developer Koei tecmo has been making samurai games since 1983! Crazy

  7. Probably wait for the review of the end game part first. The end game in Nioh was… terrible. They system was too unbalanced, which made all the combos pointless.

  8. I quit playing nioh when I attempted to beat the boss in the boat early in the game. I've tried at least ten times and no go. Kinda shame though because I was staying to like it, but at least it was free for ps plus, so I don't feel like I wasted my money. When I played bloodborne, no boss took me more than 5 tries and that game was challenging and awesome.

  9. I enjoyed nioh but part still is not what we wanted at all. Cause it feels like a expansion more than a true sequel. I wanted another Ninja Gaiden it's what we all wanted. I gor platinum on nioh but I'm not buying part 2 what a shame. This doesn't look good at all

  10. I just need more than 3 difficulties upfront, if im into this as much as i was into the first I'll be playing this for at least 8 hours a day so i need a lot of content.

  11. I hated the healing system in the first game. It just barely dropped any healing items. If it's going to be the same in this game, I'm not interested. =/

  12. Downloaded the last trail version, played it yesterday…….whipped my natural ash! Raged quit and all. Been a very long time since I last played nioh, so gonna jump on it today and hopefully I'll do better. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  13. I just started the trial a while ago. I love it! I just hate the skill tree design it looks so convulated. Also, did the kusariagama mid stance got slower?

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