Giving Batman: Arkham Origins A Second Chance

As WB Montreal teases its upcoming “Court of Owls” Batman game, Mike and Tamoor return to the studio’s last outing with the Dark Knight, in a series of love letters and epistolary arguments.

WB Montreal’s upcoming Batman game has become the talk of the town following its recent social media…

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  1. What remind me of it is the multiplayer and I think it needs a remastered for PS4,PS5,Xbox one,Xbox seriesX/S other than that it is a good game

  2. I want a remaster where I can kill the bosses. Had it enough living them alive or even saving their lives. Gamers should get that choice.

  3. While people hated Origins because they felt it was like an extension to City. I feel that was one of it's strengths. Because the combat system was basically identical to City, i can play Origins and City without ever fearing of losing muscle memory (unlike when i play City the for the first time after i played Asylum).

  4. I loved the way Origins established certain foundations of the Arkhamverse, and some of the character portrayals and dynamics were fantastic (Batman, Alfred, Joker, Bane).
    My problems however lie within the presentation and gameplay. Gotham is now bigger with more land to explore, but is so empty and bland, in addition to the monochromatic environment and HUD/menus, the game is so unappealing to look at in comparison to its predecessor it was built upon.
    In an attempt to deviate from Arkham City and feel more original, Origins also replaced certain gadgets, changed combat abilities, etc. The thing is though, none of these changes made the gameplay feel very fresh and new, and in some instances, actually felt like downgrades from AC.
    I could also tell Origins’ controls felt more sluggish when compared to AC. Add on top of that bugs and glitches more prominent than in other games, and Origins feels unpolished.
    Overall, Origins feels like a watered-down Arkham City gameplay-wise. Fitting that Batman’s first outings would have the most imperfections, but being the third game following two masterpieces, there was more to be desired.

  5. I feel like nobody have ever talked about how this game showed Batmans personality, and how it changes throughout the game. It was the first game that truly nailed the relationship between Joker and Batman, it was freaking love story between them.And Batman is going through the biggest self-improvement to work with other people and not being alone for everything.

  6. When this came out people knew it was filler until the next Rocksteady game. Ironically Knight was awful and Origins was far more Batman than it had any right to be.

  7. This game rocks. The city itself is a little dull, but this one has the best boss fights, bar none. The Killer Croc on the roof fight to open it was amazing; then you throw in the Deathstroke, Bane and Copperhead, and these are the best in the series. I'd love a remaster with 4K 60, but feel that will never happen.

  8. in my opinon what this game does well is explore the mental side of Bruce, and is evolution from a brash angry young vigilante to someone who learns to trust people. This game focuses on story above the action, the opposite to rocksteady's games which is probally why this game wasn't popular. This game is a great character study of Batman but also the joker, as his relationship with him.

  9. Some people are just haters. Personally this is on par with Asylum and City was the best of the series. Knight could've been a lot better but the damn Riddler trophies, too much batmobile, dlc just ruined it.

  10. This actually might be my favorite it always kept you busy and never felt slow to me except the bridge lol but it always keep me on my toes and replay ability is always there for me more than a couple of the others! And the mr freeze dlc cold cold heart and the subsequent battle that ensues might be better than the one in Arkham city 😬 but I love it! Cant wait for them to develop the sequel!!

  11. you didn’t like it more after it released? I found it complete opposite, I used to be a hater of this game but it’s the 2nd best in the series for me. The snow and Christmas theme is way cooler than any other Batman game, it’s one of the few snowy games that actually looks like it’s like it’s freezing. The boss fights were easily the best in the series, both bane fights and the Deathstroke battle were top tier and actually difficult. This game deserves another chance I recommended it

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