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Bleeding Edge Closed Beta — New Gameplay Today Live

Multistreaming with

Join Andrew Reiner, Brian Shea, and Alex Stadnik as they beat up some baddies in the Bleeding Edge Closed Beta:

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  1. Is this shit worth it? Or will it be one of those games I’m super excited about and then 2 days later everyone stops playing or I’m only teamed with retards and the game just stops being fun and there goes my money down the drain?

  2. Huge mistake putting this on Xbox and not Playstation. Too creative to make an impact with the simple minded folk that bought an inferior product. It's not a battle royale or CoD clone so they won't play it. Final nail in Ninja Theory's coffin.

  3. Runs in by himself every time he spawns: ”Wheeeere are the teammates?!? Could use some healing over here!”

    I bet these guys are a blast to play Overwatch with. Bunch of stupid feeders.

  4. I found this game really fun. It would be the best hack and slash online game since I am a big fun of DMC. There's a daemon combo Y-Y-XXXX-Rb X-LR

  5. Been playing this a lot this weekend have gotten to where I kinda love it. It needs some tweaks and I agree there needs to be more impact when you kill or hit someone. El Bastardo is probably my fav. He's so OP.

  6. Enjoyed the hell out of this game but i can imagine it getting a bad rep from people who dont understand the play style. It is not for casuals. Once you take the time to understand it and get a team together all four of you will be doing combos, hopping on and off your boards as a team, and even doing trick plays to score those cells. The game ended up being so so much deeper than i expected and i kinda fell in love with it.

  7. This game can reach the place OW has! It’s unique! And the character design is just amazing! Once you try it’ u’ll fell in love with the characters! And it’s a team based so going solo isn’t a good idea! Can’t wait for full release! BTW it’s only 30$! The only thing that needs to improve is map design and look! Cause the details on characters is just amazing! However the maps can look better than this! I want the maps to feel and look the same as characters!

  8. "Finally, some heaing!" then proceeds to allow the healer to get focused, sigh.
    I'd love to match against Reiner online, free kills 🙂

  9. Overwatch talk and fanboys right away, and then they play on Console. Ouch. That hurts.

    At 16:35 he begins to talk about in Overwatch he wishes there was some way to play off of your teammates…like if two teammates could perform a combo…ummm, you mean like Grav Dragon? Nano-Blade? Halt Doom Ult? Tracer Bomb Grav? They are all over. He may mean an actual designed combo…but I'm pretty sure that's already in place with my aforementioned examples. Those seem very designed for synergy.

    I love you guys. I'm in your age group and dig your show and vibe…just talking smack. 🙂

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