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Baldur's Gate III – New Gameplay Today

Reeves is reunited with Cork and Leo to show off some gameplay from Baldur’s Gate III and explain why it’s a leap forward for Larian Studios, developers of the Divinity series.
Baldur’s Gate III releases in early access later this year on PC and…

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  1. In my opinion, the Divinity Original Sin games are the best RPGs in years, and honestly, possibly all time. They are unbelievably deep games, incredibly well written. If you haven’t tried them, rectify that ASAP! ?

  2. Good for Baldur's Gate bad for Divinity Original Sin. If you don't under stand why. A big yet dead Name with the Divinity motor under the hood if its successful well there goes Divinity.

  3. The character animations in the dialogue scenes still need some work… they move like robots when transitioning between poses for each line.
    Other than that I think it looks great. I loved the original BGs, but turn-based just makes sense for a game based on a TTRPG system.

  4. Looks like Divinity: Original Sin – too colorful and turn-based. Not like old Baldur's Gate series at all. Back to Pathfinder games then…

  5. what is this shit? Why am I seeing a mishmash of DA:I dialogues cutscenes and Divinity UI and gameplay?? WHAT IS THIS??? Where the F*** is BG 3??

  6. This is…different from the other BGs, not just gameplay but the tone is very different. New studio so it makes sense but not going to lie, I am going to miss the grittier atmosphere of the old games.
    I'm sure this will still be amazing but it doesn't feel like BG to me, I'm sure I'll love it anyway, it's Larian after all.

    This has DnD rules implimented so it's a DnD game at least!

  7. hope they fix the animations. its a bit robot-like. i can see the hidden smoothness, just need to fine tune these simple things. I cant wait to play this game!

  8. It really just looks like another Original Sin game. Happy for those that wanted more of that. I was looking forward to something more real time though.

  9. Larian decided to do marketing and deprived us of a chance for real BG3, filling it with DOS3?

    Oh thank you fa..ots (

    It’s a pity that I can’t refund money for all the games you bought.

  10. I just hope fights won't turn again into one big mess of poison/fire/water/electricity everywhere like in Original Sin games. I mean, sure a little bit is fun, but when almost everyone flings some kind of element in almost every turn, fights quickly turn into utter chaos…

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