Baldur's Gate 3 Gameplay World Premiere Livestream At PAX East 2020

Tune in as we get our first look at the gameplay reveal of Baldur’s Gate III with Swen Vincke the Head of Larian Studios and Jesse Cox at PAX East 2020.

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  1. How does Larian intend to justify the fact that all of the characters aren't dead by the end of this preview.

    Illithid tadpoles, in Realms Lore, only take a few hours to consume your brain and kill you. Then there's a week of your helpless body slowly transforming. All of these characters (pc and companions alike) would be dead after the first rest. Fix your plot holes please

  2. all the people having a sook "this isnt baldur's gate" you do know that they cant even wipe there asses unless wizards of the coast says ok everything has to be vetted through them.

  3. Im sorry to say it but this guy is really bad at making playthroughs. I mean he is a leading developer and yet he made it look like he doesn’t know how his game works in so many parts.
    Also he makes the game look somewhat dull. And I love dos

  4. Larian or Wizard Coast, whoever decided to make BG3 in this way surely did not think why Baldur's Gate series got so famous. Why did they have to inherit the name of BG3? They could have gone for "Waterdeep" or somewhere else in Forgotten Realm. The dissatisfaction that many display here, shows many of them wanted is similar feeling while playing BG1~BG2.
    I feel like the only thing BG3 wanted to use from previous BG serious is the FAME.

  5. fo anyone not familiar with DD5th it's not rolling twice but "advantage" and it applies to all skill checks and combat rolls and likewise you can also have disadvantage where you also roll twice but pick the lowest.

  6. You get to fuck another classic game…. Why couldn't the classic game simply be carried on, with a bigger world and some new races, and / or castes ?! It's become a dozen games again, stencil shit…

    no sense of this, the baldurs gate is lost in the second part… unfortunetly :(. The SOD also is a big shit.

    Unfortunately your own entertainment is not about the majority. I bet if you asked the fans which one they wanted, I doubt they wanted this alternative 3D shit… 🙁

  7. Hm i know it's too early to make an opinion, but as someone who played BG 1+ 2 + Big World Project + other mods and the enhanced versions a couple of times i somehow don't get BG vibes / athmosphere here (not writing as a fanboy, it's criticism not hate). As people said before, the demo looks more like a D:OS III. I hope the story will be great and they will make some adjustments with the graphics. Currently the Characters somehow look so clean and glaring/shiny.
    I also agree with others that the removal of a real time & pause combat is pretty sad. Especially when you play with a big party against hords of easy enemies.
    Further i hope they don't just add more classes, but also subclasses.
    In any case it will be exciting to see how the game develops.
    and btw: why would someone be named "shadowheart"?

  8. The chat is so amusing to read. Out of a 1 hour-ish gameplay trailer you think you can deduct the actual playstyle of an RPG with dozens of classes and hundreds of mechanic? You think you can deduct the quality of an entire role play game by its combat? Get off your high horse and cry with the other babies in silence please.

  9. The only thing I really dislike about this is that it uses 5th edition D&D, easily the least in-depth edition of the game. Besides that, I do like them adding stuff to the game from D:OS2 that makes the game have at least some more level of depth than 5e actually can offer, and I don't understand why people are so obsessed with RTwP… BG was not fun because of RTwP, it just made it feel akin to playing an MMO or something where you need to manage your time and all your turns at once without getting nuked. That being said, something that made BG pretty nice was the rather in-depth systems that 2e offered players [compare NWN and NWN2, which is 3e & 3.5e respectively, where they removed some things that were present in 2e that actually made the game more fun… then compare that to PF:Kingmaker for an objectively better approach to 3.5e, which arguably exceeds 2e's build possibility (at least from a PnP approach).]
    Another thing is the artstyle, but I really didn't expect Larian to make a whole new engine or completely abandon their style of games just for this. I still do quite like how it looks, though… Given, I'm someone who liked D:OS and D:OS2.

  10. DOS 3 looks good. Where's BG3 ? Great idea removing all the game mechanics and feel of the best RPG series of all time. Seems a tad arrogant. Bring back RTWP and modernize it ! Grittier graphic design and day and night cycle to capture some of the magic of the originals. Hope developers will listen to fan base feed back as it looks like that at least half of them want RTWP, why not accommodate them?

  11. The turn based combat looks meh. Hopefully they have a real-time with pause mode as an option.

    Thankfully we already have Pillars of Eternity, which has the BG vibe right.

  12. Holy cow, I never thought I'd hear something i wrote together with the Baldurs gate franchise! I'm super hyped for this game!!

  13. This looks like a fine game. I’m just not getting any Baldurs Gate vibes from it.

    It seems like there is more pay off to play these silly premade characters and the combat is so different being turn based.

    I think if they had called this game literally anything else, like something something dungeons and dragons I’d be fine with it. Oh well it’s probably a good game.

  14. So happy they made characters good looking, DOS2 had really ugly looking characters and you had to install mods to fix their terrible appearance. Also hope this game isn't like DOS2 where it's purely about 1shotting everything on your turn so going nothing into defensive traits and just prebuff glass cannon 1turnkill everything.

  15. Will there be sunrise and sunset daylight? This is VERY important to IMMERSION. Please do not make the mistake in overlooking this feature. These details keep gamers in love with the game.

  16. so baldure story line with divinity gameplay. Baldur ad much more class and you could not play a story line character i never saw that in a baldur game.

    probably gonna buy anyway

  17. This game is not BG3 its Dos3 , wow devs made diablo3 its the same allover this is diablo 3 of bg series. Its a shame where the world is going fallout 1-2, diablo1-2 bg1,2 planescape such epic games. Now all left are these , icant call games, whatever this is , i definitely am not buying this however i couldnt decide if its worth torrenting or not.

  18. just the engine is similar to DOS, because its the same. But the combat, and mechanics is more similar to D&D than BGI and BGII. in fact the big diference of BG3 and BGI/BGII are in combat system.. and I kind of liked it.

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