Baldur's Gate 3 – FULL Gameplay World Premiere Presentation (with Q&A) | PAX East 2020

Check out the complete world premiere of Baldur’s Gate 3 gameplay demo with Swen Vincke from Larian Studios at PAX East 2020. See character creation, turn-based combat, and more!


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  1. Me playing solo: Lets just explore every detail and roleplay as a good guy.
    Me playing with friends: Oke I guess I'll just change the save name to "The Murderhobo's".

  2. seam like all modern developers choose easiest way – turn based, make solution for all players was to complicated for you guys, yep? yeah, of cause you need create good AI for that but this a additional actions or maybe your team simply can't do this … so sad… another empty game …. i think we need gather money on 'Kickstater' to create really good continue of old Epic Game or simple redesign old game and leave everything like it was

  3. Highly disapointed !
    This looks too much like Divinity… I waited lke 15 years to have a divinity clone with no ambition…
    Wtf larian ! BG needs MORE ambitions ! graphics are from 2005, where is the cinematic immersion ? What is that ??! its divnity 2.5 ?
    I love all Divinity games, you nailed it with Ego draconis and Original sins, so why are you fuckin everything with easymoney ??!

  4. erg
    I wil reserve judgement until I play it
    Where is the wierdo talking about turnips?
    Where is the franchise landscapes?
    I did not like the last big divinity game
    I really didn't like the rendering
    lts of little things I didn't like about it
    I've spent 15 years playing bg1&2+ over and over
    and planescape
    I am not hopeful because of the extreme disinterest all quests in the last divinity gave me.
    dont get me wrong
    I've played DD1 and 2 on a pentium 3
    but not Baldur's gate.
    Where;s the flakey elf chick that's built like a stick but can wield magic and eventually wear plate?

  5. I found DOS to be very difficult just at the edge of too difficult to play. Hopefully there is an easier mode, although I don't know how they could do it using D&D rules other than maybe giving you an extra chance now and then.

  6. Okay so it's original sin but with the Baldur's Gate name. No company is capable of making a Forgotten Realms game other than interplay and BioWare. Why can't any of these developers make a game where they chant to perform a spell like the original Baldur's Gate. I'll never understand that. It's funny seeing all the people saying this is better combat and style than Baldur's Gate and they probably never even played the original

  7. This game could've been really good if it wasn't for the shitty combat camera. Really. WHY WOULD YOU MAKE IT LIKE THAT. WHY!?

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