Apex Legends: Season 4 – Official Assimilation Gameplay Trailer

Reveal your true nature in Apex Legends Season 4 – Assimilation. Channel the spirit of vengeance with Revenant, a new Legend and nightmare simulacrum. Pick up the new Battle Pass to take on Daily and Weekly Challenges and score unique rewards with a cybernetic slant. Enter the updated…

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  1. I NEED more of revanent, he is by far the coolest legend to date. I have such a good feeling him and bloodhound will dominate on a team.

  2. Why isn’t there a thing we’re if you shot someone the bullet can go through and hit the person behind like it’s a gold sniper or just make an attachment for that

  3. Salut les mutants c'est skynessmax j'espère que vous allez tous bien ! J'adore tes vidéos au top n'hésitez pas tous à venir voir ma chaîne de gaming ✨? skynessmax

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