Apex Legends Revenant Tips – How To Best Play Season 4's New Character

Season 4: Assimilation adds Revenant as a playable character to Apex Legends and the synthetic nightmare is a powerful offensive threat. Though his passive and tactical abilities are rather straightforward, Revenant’s ultimate ability is quite nuanced and comes with a bunch of small caveats.


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  1. Revenant Ult should just instantly proc for everyone in the area rather than needed to go to the totem. It would just allow you to use it defensively to perhaps save someone who is trapped. And then when you're playing solo it allows you to have impact on the team.

  2. Another good use for death totem is if your team is dead near a group of enemies. You can set it up, grab your teammates banners if you can and if you can’t then you just go back to the totem and heal.

  3. I like Revenant powerful ability but not being able to use healing items while in shadow form is bad. Having full shield before using the totem is a good idea

  4. I just came to watch this cause I was using Mirage ult and had a revenant tracking me while I was in the ult as I was running past him. I un-cloaked and he destroyed me, so I didnt know if it was an ability that he could see me. Nope.

  5. They fucked up. Made his abilities way stronger than anyone else. They gotta nerf him or buff everyone else. Every single team has one now and will until something changes. Just dont find it balanced when it's a race to pick Revenant every game.

  6. When you hear revenant climbing is like General Grievous footsteps in the clone wars animated series, you know that one where Grievous was scary as f*ck

  7. Important to know the safety of your totem. If you think it’s been compromised by a gas trap or somebody camping by it, you should absolutely run out of the range and/or do your best not to die and get sent back

  8. Everyone who is saying "don't play him" or "Rev is bad" Is either bad at Rev, bad at Apex, or has been finished one too many times by Rev and is super salty. Probably just bad though since I've been clapping people with Rev just fine.

  9. His Passive is useless because of course agaist Crypto(my favorite) and blood hounds abilities it can screw him over I guess they finally gave the trackers something to live up to.

  10. Also – a MUST DO for any Revenant main: when you knock a person (typically the last person in the game) you have to taunt them with voice lines.

    "Let me watch your face while you go"

    "No one is coming to save you, no one ever was."

    "Go on, it's okay to be afraid"

  11. Sad half the content locked behind a pay wall I know it’s free to play and all but still also how cool would it be if they made a overwatch style game with different characters like in apex but uno ea only care about money jumping on the wagon of battle royal

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